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Two of Swords Tarot Card

two of swords


Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

The woman in this minor arcana tarot card is represented wearing a blindfold, meaning that she's intentionally turning a blind eye or shielding herself from having to make a difficult choice or decision. It seems to work for her, as she has the relaxed and calm appearance of someone who has a certain peace of mind despite the difficulty of her situation

Some good attributes of the Two card are : affection, making peace, courage, a truce, friendship during adversity, compromise and harmony

For many people, when they're faced with a problem and having to make tough decisions, they prevaricate - meaning that they put it off, hide from the situation, and try to pretend that by ignoring the problem for long enough it just might go away of its' own accord

But here's the thing, our conscience will eventually force us to face up to the situation and deal directly with the problem, meaning that those tough calls won't just slide away when we push them to the back of our minds and "wish" them away. Ignorance is not bliss

So, this two of swords tarot card when it shows in a querents spread, indicates that a choice has to be made, signifying the difficulty of indecision and avoidance that can only lead to greater upset and greater conflict in a person's life

When the two of swords tarot card shows in a spread it can mean that the querent wants some romance in their life, to have a lover and move ahead without restriction. For this they must come to terms with their situation and make compromises if needs be, so as to break the stalemate and achieve peace of mind

The past is on it's way out for them and a new element is about to emerge and sweep away the cobwebs, meaning that they  can expect surprises in business and personal affairs

Life's decisions are often quite difficult and frequently raise the possibility of painful consequences, and even to not make, or to avoid making the choice can be a decision in itself

We must "take the bull by the horns" and try to be fully aware of all possible consequences when we make our decisions with the best of intentions

When the two of swords tarot card shows in your querents  spread it can mean that they are faced with a difficult decision, but that they're in a state of denial about the importance of their choice

More attributes associated with this minor arcana tarot card are : an alliance or favourable friendship in adversity, a suspension of judgement and a resolving of outstanding differences, balance.  It indicates an end to pain (physically and emotionally), tension, and a holding in or blocking of emotions

The two of swords can show that your querent has to make a logical decision, and that they need or have the courage to do it, because the situation is delicate and in a precarious balance against adversity

Depending on the surrounding tarot cards in the spread it can mean that differences will be resolved, and that there will be a weight lifted from someone's mind and that peace will be restored

Meaning Reversed

Bad news here again, because the two of swords showing reversed in a spread speaks of release and movement in a querents affairs - but in the wrong direction!

The Two reversed signals lies, treachery and dishonour, betrayal (maybe from a friend). When we see this tarot card reversed in a spread it means wilful misguidance or misleading advice given or taken, as well as trickery, violence, betrayal and deceit

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