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Three of Swords Tarot Card

three of swords tarot card


Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and attributes

When a querent sees the three of swords tarot card show up in their spread they shouldn't expect an easy ride, because this minor arcana card is a painful card, meaning that the person is either feeling grief, or is going to experience great pain and sorrow through loss and mourning

You should be alert to the fact that something painful has happened to them, or that something from the past has surfaced to give them grief - the three of swords is a card of loss and difficulty, of sacrifice and broken relationships

This card in a querent's tarot spread signifies an unhappy time in their life, and just as the three times pierced heart in the picture suggests - here comes heart break, tears and strife, sorrow and disruptions - even the skies are crying in the illustration

The "three" in the three of swords tarot card can suggest that more than one person is involved in the querent's situation here, meaning possibly the ending of a three way relationship where someone is going to get hurt

So, this minor arcana tarot card seems to have all the sad attributes of a period  full of sorrow, separation, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, jealousy, absence, negative thinking, heartache, loss, disappointment, and a reversal of fortune. But somewhere in all the upheaval there's a hint that some good can come of reshaping negative thinking, and accepting losses in order to grow into a better life

The three of swords  tarot card indicates to your querent that the situation may become mournful due to the absence or removal of something that is valued, and that the coming period will be full of opposition and delays. Maybe they yearn for their absent lover to return, or they've run out of hope and stamina and want to see results before they'll attempt to get out of the doldrums and start something new

Let you querent know that even though the three of swords is a painful card they shouldn't be too depressed by all the negativity surrounding them - it won't last for ever, and abortive actions or delays could work in their favour. New ideas or actions will replace old ones, and something better will be established that wouldn't have otherwise happened

All this needs taking care of before they can go on, meaning that it's no use starting on new projects until they can accept the upheavals and sorrow, destruction, and separation that will lead to a positive outcome for them

The three of swords attributes follow on from the two of swords where difficult decisions had to be made after an age of procrastination and avoidance of making the tough choices. It means that in the three of swords the choices have been made and the querent is now experiencing the consequences of their actions

Often, the choices involve choosing either one "good" over another , or one "evil" over another, and so when that decision is finally made it means that the querent is still left with the pain of losing the option that they didn't choose

Frequently, the pain of loosing something that we once valued (such as a "comfortable" relationship that has become stagnant) is necessary in order to prepare us for a more fulfilling experience in the future. Meaning that from the pain, something better is established

Meaning Reversed

When the three of swords tarot card shows up reversed in a querent's spread it can be meaning that they're in denial of a certain situation and that they need to be encouraged to deal with it. They're going through spiritual and mental confusion about facing up to loss, and because of this they're only prolonging the pain - the pain does begin to heal after loss if the person affected can pick up the pieces, even though the loss is still present in their mind

This tarot card reversed can represent a past loss, and depending on surrounding cards in the spread it can mean treachery and discord, a broken truce, war, quarrels, and mental and psychological disorder. The querent needs to take a step back and try to be more objective

Let's see ifthe four of swords can give us some peace


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