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The Suit of Wands Tarot Cards



Depending on which tarot deck you're using, The Suit of Wands tarot cards can also be called rods, clubs, batons or staffs, they correspond to the suit of clubs in a regular playing card deck, and the artwork on the wands tarot cards - primarily colored reds to yellow usually depicts fiery objects

This is because fire is the element that links to the suit of wands ( often regarded as a masculine  suit ), and the zodiac signs that correspond are of course, the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The wands direction is the south, and associated season is spring - though some also include summer - and link to the Jungian sense of intuition

Wands in relation to a "time" question  from a querent will signify weeks, so if a spread throws up the four of wands it can mean that something will happen in four weeks time

The physical characteristics of people who are associated with the wands are that their eyes are usually blue, green or light in color, they are usually fair skinned and their hair tends to be blond, red or light brown

The suit of wands tarot cards in the Minor Arcana  mirror what is important to our inner selves, and in general they represent the following ; virility, growth, enterprise, creativity, self development, inspiration, primal energy, clear perception, enlightenment, passion and desire

Just like a fire burning, and the fire element, the suit of wands indicate all of the things that we  pay attention to and keep busy with during the course of a day, encompassing work that we carry out -  both inside and outside of the home - on a daily basis. So, it's very clear that they represent our career path through our daily lives

When you're carrying out a tarot card reading for a client and you see wands in the card spread relating to their current situation you're being told that there's a possibility of growth and an expansion of ideas regarding their position

If as you conduct a tarot reading for a client you uncover many wands in the card spread it means that the situations and conditions that they face at the time were generated first by their own thoughts that were then developed into solid ideas

The suit of Wands tarot cards in the Minor Arcana represent a persons original thoughts that start as seeds (the germ of an idea) and if tended in the right ways will grow and flourish into ideas, they also represent future orientated energy that is both active and inventive. When you see wands in a tarot reading it's telling you about the possibilities and likely movement of a situation that your client faces

Just like all the suits in the tarot card deck, the suit of wands can lead to a negative, as well as a positive divination result, and when they show in a spread that has negative implications, or the card is in reverse, then wands can represent the scorching side of fire. For starters, and depending on how the rest of the tarot card spread falls, this can mean anger, restlessness, mischief, pride, violence, disruption and unwillingness

However, in general terms the suit of wands tarot cards in your querent's reading represent your client's career, their enterprise and work, and can also point them toward identifying and and starting a new course in their life that could lead to great accomplishment and self development


Now we're going to take you on a quick run through the suit of wands tarot cards starting with the number one card :

 ace of wands  two of wands  three of wands  four of wands  five of wands  six of wands  seven of wands  eight of wands

nine of wands  ten of wands  page of wands  knight of wands  queen of wands  king of wands


Remember that The Major Arcana is made up of 22 tarot cards that are regarded as more significant than the Minor and we cover it briefly at the following page popular-tarot-cards-basics

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