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Let Tarot help get your life in focus



Is your life so full of problems that you don't know where to turn for help?

If you've got so many problems that you just can't find a way out of the maze, and you're life seems to be put on hold, then now is the time to get a little help

Are you too confused by all the offers of help options to even make a choice?
You don't have to try and put your life back on course without some help, and there's no reason for you to struggle on by yourself as you try to cut a path through the confusion We can guide you to a place where you can easily get FREE information, which will help you make those decisions that only you can make to shape your future

Tarot can help

Free Tarot readings can help to unravel your tangled thoughts and reflect upon your past life while considering your present situation. A skilled reading gives pleasure, and possibly an insight to your future and how to embrace it


  Now, whichever way you go, either to our partner site of Lotus Tarot for some free tarot reading, or if you'd like to discover how to do your own readings, remember that "Knowledge is Power" and it would be to your advantage if you knew a little bit about the origins of The Tarot and how it works. We've kept it simple and easy to read because we've found plenty of heavy weight publications out there that are just too yawn making to plough through, so we decided to give you some help in a clear and fun way, just  Click here to discover the secrets of Tarot reading


Lotus Tarot, the home of Alison Day can give you free tarot reading

We are proud to be affiliated with Lotus Tarot, probably the top Tarot Reading site on the Internet today. Just click on this link and you will be taken to Alison Day's site where you will have access to free on-line card readings, a free learn tarot course, an active discussion forum, card interpretations, articles of interest, and much more.

You do have to register your email address with the site in order to receive your free reading; but it is a perfectly safe, spam free site and should only take about 30 seconds to complete the process and gain access to the mountain of good stuff that waits for you there.

It's definitely worth the effort if you have a desire to discover more about yourself and Tarot. Alison's readings are both upbeat and accurate.

Alison Day

Alison Day's reading of Tarot cards helps you to evoke courage and hope in your life. Since the age of 16 when she went to her first Tarot card reading, Alison Day has had an ongoing fascination with the interpretation of the information presented by the cards. Through meditation, Alison's ability to connect with the guiding voice of her intuition became stronger and the constant stream of messages and images became clear and easier to understand.

When a close friend expressed a desire to learn about reading Tarot cards, Alison decided that it would be fun to discover the secret as well. At that time she had no idea that Tarot would play such a huge part in her life.

Alison quickly developed her own relationship with the Tarot cards, and her unique style of interpretation emerged. She now has an international client base offering readings over the telephone as well as at face-to-face client meetings

Alison's thoughts and beliefs about the Tarot

"I believe Tarot is an ancient form of counselling rather than fortune telling. For me a reading captures the essence of the moment as experienced by the client, picking up on influences or lessons from their past and showing possibilities for the future.

A responsibility comes with the Tarot and the practice of tarot reading must be treated with respect and humility. The majority of people consult the cards in a time of confusion or distress hence the need to deal with people and their feelings responsibly.

If I was asked what do I hope to provide for each of my clients, I would answer clarity of mind and boldness of heart. For most of us it is our fear that causes the most distress, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness and so on; the Tarot can bring comfort and reassurance.

The Tarot however should never be used as an emotional crutch - which is sometimes very tempting to do, especially on the Internet. We limit the number of daily readings on this site and suggest that it is counter productive to address the same issue or question with more than one reading. In actual fact it is always your first reading for any issue that will be the most appropriate.

I believe the secret to happiness is to be able to truly live in the moment and embrace it as though it was your last, with no regard or concern for the past or the future. I know how difficult that is to achieve for most of us and I hope that by sharing the insights and messages of these tarot readings I can evoke hope and courage in all of you."

Lotus Tarot: Alison Day's site offers free online tarot card readings, card meanings, a learn tarot course, tarot articles and a discussion forum

To receive your free reading click Reading Tarot cards

By the way, you may come across a few different ways of spelling Tarot; we have seen Tarrot, Taro and Tarro in our travels, but we continue to use the version that we are familiar with

As a little extra, if  you're interested in the Royal Baby - George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, go visit our astrology section and check out our astro projection for the likely course that his life will take as a Royal - it's fun





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