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The Six of Swords Tarot Card

six of swords tarot card


The Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

When the six of swords tarot card  turns up in your clients tarot reading, it's meaning to you is that they are in a period of mild depression, a lot like the dull and listless state that all of us suffer from time to time

It's when we have that feeling that we don't even want to make the effort to get out of bed in the morning, not meaning that anything is seriously wrong - but nothing is really right either, we're just getting by, but not enjoying a thriving lifestyle

This six of swords tarot card is telling the querent to change their beliefs about themselves, and to acknowledge that they currently do have problems with relationships, partnerships, or even personal property in some cases, and that they want them all resolved

Some attributes associated with the six of swords tarot card are : new skills and strengths, problems with relationships, mild depression and loss

There are times when we're forced to let go of something or someone that we've become attached to, and it's frequently a quite difficult process to go through. However, the sadness of the "loss" will ultimately be replaced by a greater clarity about, and a new understanding of the changes in our lives

Often when we're affected by what seems to be sadness or loss we're actually only experiencing the birth pangs of a  whole brighter future and a more peaceful experience of life

The first step for your client to take in correcting their personal problems is to acknowledge the fact that they've lost their way during their journey and have veered off course, meaning that they are moving in the wrong direction

If they will just recognize that fact it can be enough to stop the negative momentum from continuing. They need to realize that they're then in a much better position in life, because they will have endured a difficult transition, and what this means is that they are much more able to deal with what may come in the future

The six of swords tarot card signifies for your querent that there will be a time of peace and relaxation after a long time of struggle when it's necessary to apply all of their energy towards reaching that happy point in time. If you study the picture on this card it depicts the journey over water being delayed by a sword barrier, but once the obstacles are overcome there is the calmness of the water in the distance, the goal to be reached

The six of swords card also has some more attributes such as : travel, movement away from danger, fleeing to safety, taking a trip, taking a break and to travel in company

This card tells your client that they will make a journey or take  passage to a calmer life that will do them much good, it means trips, or a long journey being taken to get away from something painful, or to surmount obstacles that were in their way

It's a minor arcana card that can represent gradual change as well as a moving away from imminent danger or immediate difficulties, and depending on the position of other cards in the spread it can mean the solving of current problems by taking a trip, distancing or moving away both mentally and physically from the source of their grief

Some other random meanings that are coupled to this tarot card depending on the surrounding cards in the spread are: A journey will be beneficial, a need for objectivity, don't dwell on the past, travel with others, movement away from danger, "the load is light", problems become more acceptable, being with others in the same circumstances, a positive direction to go in, obstacles are overcome, and travel by air, sea or land

Meaning Reversed

When the six of swords tarot card turns up reversed in your clients tarot reading it can mean that there's no immediate way out of their present difficulties, and there are some regrets and disappointments in their future. The querent may decide that they need to go away for a break to get over things, but this card in reversed position can tell of a planned journey having to be postponed. The card also has the attributes of : unexpected developments in a situation, temporary relief from difficulties, a need for continuing efforts and strength of mind. It also can mean that no sooner is one obstacle cleared that another one stands in the way


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