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Seven of Swords Tarot Card


seven of swords tarot card


The Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and attributes

This card of the minor arcana indicates to your querent that they should exercise great caution if they think that they've hit upon a cunning scheme in order to gain an unfair advantage over others in a certain situation

The seven of swords tarot card is a card of betrayal and deception, meaning that it shows up the difficulty in life when we try to fly under the radar, and hope to keep things secret and "get away with something"

Your client could be in the middle of an ill conceived yet fairly successful scheme and be offered advice by an outside party. It's likely that this other person will only serve to spoil an already questionable idea with their "pie in the sky" advice

The querent should be on high alert at this time, because often when we try to do something a little sneaky and secret, in the mistaken belief  that we're safe and undiscovered - that's when it all goes wrong. Meaning that our secret is revealed to the world, it all goes awry, and we suffer acute embarrassment and shame

This seven of swords tarot card therefore augurs caution and circumspection when attempting to use cunning and stealth to gain advantage or control over a situation, because an ill conceived plan can often blow up in our face. Meaning that distractions must be kept out of the way, and we need to concentrate on the situation in hand

However, there's no questioning the fact that there are times in life when a situation will arise where there's a need for us to do something in secret, or act shrewdly to gain an advantage

It is at these very times that we must take a step back and truly consider the outcome of our actions, meaning that we should really exercise caution and our conscience before we make a move

This is because in the long run, deception doesn't serve to produce the reward that we thought we desired, and may in many cases cause great damage to our reputation in general and spoil our relationships with others

So, when you're running a tarot reading for your client and the seven of swords tarot card is encountered, it means that some caution and great wisdom is necessary to avoid giving way in the face of the temptation to achieve easy gain by using dubious means. And yet, depending on the surrounding cards in the spread, it can also imply that if  they use their cunning they can beat their opposition

Sometimes this card signifies that your querent is running away from problems in their life - commitment, responsibility, hard work or even love. They may be procrastinating and letting problems slip because they don't feel able to deal with them, but they should try and face up to what has to be done. They could be making things worse by running away

Some more random attributes that may be associated with the seven of swords tarot card are: Betrayal of confidence, an unwise attempt to take what isn't yours, fleeing from your wrongs, a plan that might fail, negotiations that become tricky

When you turn up this seven of swords tarot card in your querent's reading the possible meanings can also be (depending on surrounding cards) sudden desires or impulsive decisions being made. A change of either job or residence - maybe both, and a need for caution if in a conflict situation. It can also point towards a feeling of stagnation due to lack of progress in schemes under way

Meaning Reversed

When this seven of swords minor arcana tarot card turns up reversed in the  spread that you're doing for your client, its meaning is that of confusion -  a failure of nerve and confidence to complete what they've started. The querent may have a wish fulfilled. but be reluctant to carry out daring action when necessary. They may be surprised to have something that was stolen returned to them

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