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Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands


Physical attributes of someone associated with the queen of wands in the minor arcana would be yellow (blonde) or red hair, and she would be a blue eyed women either running her own business or holding a responsible position in a company

Personality traits of the queen would be of someone having a fiery temperament, but also capable of offering inspiration and help in a warm natured way that a person could trust

Intelligent, with a love of happiness she is a dignified and prosperous woman having great self confidence, she's lively, active, with a love of nature and a practical organizer of others. The queen of wands is associated with the astrological sign of Leo, and so has a generous and passionate nature

Divinatory Meaning

When the queen of wands shows in a tarot card spread that you're performing for a querent it can signify success in an ongoing project that they're involved in

Also, they may meet - or have already met someone that they would consider starting a relationship with, and are wondering how to continue with things, or even if they should pursue it any further

If you're in a quandary as to how to guide them, remember that decisions usually make themselves when the time comes and true guidance proves itself in that it brings with it the action or ability to carry it out

The queen of wands in a tarot reading that you're doing can indicate to you that your querent will encounter a warm, friendly and loving woman who may bring the querent success in business - but watch out for her fiery, passionate personality and quick temper. Don't be overly concerned about the flash of temper, there may be shouting and yelling for a while , quickly followed by hugs!

The queen of wands expresses a creative energy and happy self confidence in someone who is fair and capable in her dealings with others and can make a good business woman, very protective to those in her circle, and the focus will be on relationships and family matters

To sum up, this card in a querents tarot spread can represent the meeting of a charming woman with a friendly, loving nature, success in business and material gain

Queen of Wands Reversed

Not such good news if the queen shows up reversed in your reading, the card warns you of a nasty situation for your querent. Someone is behaving in a selfish, pushy or manipulative way and twisting information into lies so as to skew perceptions of the ongoing situation

Your querent or someone close to them is angry, jealous or resentful and in a chronically bad mood. They may find themselves being attacked or bullied - or they may even take on the role of the bully and find that a friend turns against them because of it

When this card is reversed in the tarot spread it signifies that your querent is bitter and dominating, either that or she's the overbearing matriarchal type of person

The queen of wands reversed indicates someone with a cruel, very dry sense of humor, with a tendency towards paranoia  in the sense that they always think that others are out to get them, even when they bear her no malice what so ever

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