Popular tarot cards basic meanings

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  Popular Tarot Cards Basic Meanings



The cards tell your future, at least that's what many folks believe and they are only too happy to consult tarot card readers, fortune tellers, and the like to get a glimpse of what the future holds for them, and what, if anything, they can do to prepare for their fate

Of all the varying ways of fortune telling, such as The Crystal  Sphere (or ball), palm reading or the use of psychic powers, tarot card reading is probably one of the most famous divination methods in favor at the moment - although as interpretation of the tarot card spread will vary from reader to reader and even with the type of tarot deck being used - there are many who question it's legitimacy and authenticity as a fortune telling tool

Tarot cards were first popularized by their use simply as playing cards in Europe, and then, when people who had the abilities to use the symbolism of the cards as a method of divination to predict what was to come in a person's life, they gained popularity and some notoriety as a fortune telling tool

Because the differing tarot card decks can be interpreted with some variations by readers with different skills and ideas, there are some who refuse to recognize them as a serious method of divination, but please take a quick tour of our famous tarot cards overview and see the possible meanings of just a few of the tarot cards; The Fool, The Magician, High Priestess, Empress, Emperor, Hierophant, The Lovers and The Chariot


The Fool Tarot Card Given a card value of 0,  one of the most famous tarot cards in the tarot card deck is The Fool, represented here as a carefree young man strolling recklessly on the edge of a precipice with all his worldly goods in one hand, and a flower in the other, as the sun shines down from a cloudless sky and his dog plays at his feet. So to modern day thinking this boy's a fool for sure - doesn't he see the danger ?

But in medieval times every king had a jester (or Fool) in his entourage who was one of the few at court who could point out the foibles and mistakes that others were guilty of without being held to account, because he was deemed to posses a sweet innocence and ability to tell the truth that couldn't be denied

And so, when The Fool tarot card makes a showing in a spread, it can hint towards the starting of a journey or an adventure, living for the moment, and maybe taking that spontaneous leap and accepting the consequences in a joyful manner. Depending on the other cards in the reading The Fool can symbolize fresh beginnings in a person's life, the opportunity to explore new horizons, or to have faith in their own actions and accept the results - whether they have a  negative or positive impact on their life

If The Fool shows reversed in a tarot card spread it can signify to the reader that their subject will be prone to make rash decisions and be impulsive and unstable


The Magician Tarot Card The Magician Tarot Card is probably one of the most recognized popular tarot cards and is numbered 1 in The Major Arcana sequence and, as ever, The Magician can have a variety of meanings depending on it's placement and relationship to other cards in the spread, and the reader's skill and intuition in the card's divination

In the most basic sense, The Magician tells the subject that an opportunity is available and that they should use their initiative to make the most of the situation and achieve great things. This will only happen if they're willing to prepare themselves for change, and master new skills to help in their move forward. It could be that they will need to move out of their comfort zone and to take charge of a situation in a more forceful and positive way than they've been used to

If, on the other hand, The Magician comes up reversed in a tarot card spread, it tells the reader that their subject is the type of person to miss out on opportunities because they are held back by hesitation and an unwillingness to take that first step to success. A less endearing character trait indicated is that they could be manipulative in a self serving way, or would even in certain circumstances act in an unethical manner


 The High Priestess Tarot Card - number 2 in The Major Arcana -  used to be known as The Papess until Court de Gebelin renamed it The High Priestess to be more in keeping with his beliefs that The Tarot was somehow linked to ancient Egyptian times, and if you can find an illustration from the Marseilles Tarot you will see how The Papess is depicted

Even though this is one of the popular tarot cards I have to admit to finding the divination from it a little confusing when it shows in a spread because it can signify that the subject has a certain duality or mystery associated with a situation

During a tarot card reading, if The High Priestess turns up in a Man's spread it can refer to the woman of his dreams, or in relation to other cards in the spread, the love that he's been yearning for

In a woman's spread it can represent the virtues that either she has or wishes for, and can also tell of hidden knowledge or information that needs to come to light

If The High Priestess card shows up reversed in a tarot card reading it can tell that the subject could make decisions based only on facts and logic at the time. In a woman's spread it can show - again, depending on other cards in the spread - either that they have problems coming to terms with another woman or themselves, and that intuition and feelings are being pushed to the back of the queue


The Empress Tarot Card The Empress - number 3 in The Major Arcana -  is another popular tarot card that can bring a lot of feminine values into the divination of a person's tarot card reading and can tell of the subjects caring and loving ways, and that if they're artistic it could be a good time for them to develop their talents in that direction - be creative

When The Empress card shows reversed in a person's reading it can indicate domestic troubles for them, probably indicating a lack of affection ( being given or received) at the root of the problem

Reversed, The Empress can also  signify that a person's creative energies are being blocked, or that they lack the confidence to try and realize their dreams


The Emperor Tarot Card Power, power, and more power, that's why The Emperor is a popular tarot card when it appears in the right place in a person's reading because it can tell of an ability get things done with an aura of authority and control about them

The Emperor is number 4 in the Major Arcana, the number alone represents a firm foundation and stability in many areas

Taking into account the surrounding cards in the person's tarot card spread The Emperor can tell of success in a project or situation brought about by attention to detail and good organization. It's a hint of a well thought out plan coming to fruition because that person is able to control  and develop their ambitions in a powerful way

When The Emperor tarot card shows up reversed in a reading it can be bad news for all concerned, implying to the reader that the subject is indecisive and weak, and if they do have any power, will use their authority in a bad self serving way, or - depending on surrounding cards in the spread -  even be passive, or worse still they could abuse their power


The Hierophant Tarot Card Card number 5 in the Major Arcana sequence is The Hierophant, and in quite a few tarot decks represents the Pope - or orthodox faith and religious teachings that have mass acceptance

So, if this card shows up in a tarot reading it tells that your subject is likely to be bound by popular convention and seeks approval from others in all that they do in life

Depending on the position or aspect in the tarot card spread, The Hierophant can signify that your subject has good standing in society and can give sound advice to others

But watch out for the Hierophant showing up reversed in the tarot card reading - your subject could turn out be a rebel, an unconventional person willing to shun and reject the values of family life and even prepared to step outside their own guidance lines at times


The Lovers Tarot Card Let's take a quick look at the number 6 card in the Major Arcana, The Lovers - this famous tarot card should be pretty self explanatory shouldn't it ? -  on the face of it maybe ...because they're depicted naked there's nothing to hide from each other as they stand in harmonious union. But when The Lovers card shows up in a spread that you're making for a client it can relate to a test of morals that they're currently going through

As ever, the divination will depend on the adjacent cards, and if The Lovers  tarot card shows upright in your clients tarot reading it can tell of them starting out on a fresh relationship, and either taking a risk or taking a safer route. It can also be a warning for them to stabilize their emotions, get in touch with their inner feelings and not give in to carnal feelings, lust, moral collapse and temptation

If The Lovers card comes up reversed in a tarot card spread it could be telling you, the reader, that your client could be the type of person who finds it near impossible to make a clear decision, and will try anything to avoid having to make a choice or decisive call on any important matter


  I did find that just starting at tarot card reading, it's easy to look at all those illustrations in the Major and Minor Arcana and feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to remember the symbolism and possible divination of each and every one.

Then I saw the Quick and Easy Tarot full size deck with beautiful artwork plus a short paragraph on each one that explains the meaning and interpretation of the card, if that sounds good to you, go take a look at the Quick and Easy Tarot


  This number 7 card in The Major Arcana is a firm favorite of mine because you can almost take it at face value, kind of ...

Yes, The Chariot can tell you that your subject is prepared to fight their way through their adversities - just like the gladiators in ancient Rome raced for victory in the chariot races. They have a strong belief in their own abilities to win through and triumph over the  obstacles in life

In relation to other cards in the tarot card spread The Chariot could even tell of good news in the shape of a new vehicle on the way to them, triumph over adversity, movement towards a goal in their life and a successful existence in the future

But when The Chariot shows up reversed in the tarot reading that you're doing - well, that's when the wheels come off, because it can show that your subject is losing control of their life and is heading for chaos and destruction with all the bad stuff that comes with it

We now have our second batch of major arcana tarot card meanings ready to enjoy, so go here now  more-major-arcana-titles

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