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Love & Romance Forecast for

Pippa Middleton

September 6, 1983

8:44 PM

Reading, England

July 6, 2011 - August 6, 2011

Astral Child






Your Love & Romance Forecast begins on the following page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "Apr 1, 1998 (Feb 15, 1998 to May 15, 1998)", then it starts in mid-February, reaches greatest intensity around April 1, and ends in mid-May. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

At the top right margin after the dates, the abbreviated names of the aspects and the two factors involved are given. For example, "Jup Sqr Sat" means that during the given dates "transiting Jupiter" is squaring your "natal Saturn". That is to say, the first factor that appears is always the transiting planet (present position of the planet in the zodiac), while the second component of the pair is "natal", or the position it was in the zodiac at your birth.

At the beginning of each interpretation the complete name of the aspect and the two factors involved are given in capitalized letters. As before, the first planet is in "transit" while the second is "natal".

Below it, the INTENSITY of the aspect is indicated in a scale from 1 to 10. That is to say, an aspect with an influence of 1 is very weak and may not even be noticed. On the other hand, an influence of 10 is very powerful. We can consider aspects with an intensity of 8, 9 or 10 VERY STRONG, 6 or 7 STRONG, 4 or 5 AVERAGE, DECREASING at 2 or 3 and VERY WEAK at 0 or 1.

This report interprets the aspects between the transiting planets and the following three natal planets: Moon, Venus and Pluto.

July 4, 2011     3 PM(July 3, 2011 to July 6, 2011) Mars Sqr Moon



This astrological aspect stirs up your emotional life; that is to say, an escalation and revitalization on that level will be produced. Thus, the big problem will be to control that increase in energy in your mental states, your feelings, and your family and affectionate relationships. There will be ardor, delivery, sacrifice and spontaneity in your emotional life, but susceptibility, irritability and passion could also emerge. All in all, this is a phase in which many things in your sentimental and family relationships will be defined.

It is possible that a small disagreement or misunderstanding with a loved one could emerge, but try to soothe your spirits and control yourself. Don't make any emotional decision based on states of psychological irritability,

There could be hypersensitivity and resentment. More than anything, relaxation and psychic neutrality is important for being able to see things with objectivity. If you have been accumulating small animosities or misunderstandings with someone in the past, it is very possible that suddenly everything will come to light. When that happens, don't argue, but simply communicate, try to create an environment of mutual confidence and don't magnify things. Don't be melodramatic now, and don't deem yourself a victim of others. Consider the future, propose solutions and have sufficient greatness of the soul to forgive.

If during this phase you take on a family responsibility or have to decide something on behalf of your family, be very cautious, since you are inclined to be guided by rashness and excessive daring. Thus, if you make a mistake, you probably are going to lose some of the confidence that your family had in you. Because of this, it is advisable to heed the advise of an appropriate person and, above all, delay decisions somewhat so that they can mature. In this respect, you will not be alone and are supported by others that could facilitate your labor.

You will be direct, exempt and spontaneous in expressing your emotional states and your feelings, but don't go to extremes of ardor, fits of anger, or try to impose on your loved ones. Try to be a little more respectful, amiable and affectionate in your emotional expressions, avoiding at all cost abruptness and cultivating amiability. If you soften your emotional expressions, it is much more probable that your family and loved ones will be more receptive toward what you say or suggest to them. On the other hand, if you act in a hard way, they will close up and will be put on the defensive.

This is also a good time to bring to light elements from your infancy and adolescence that still could be active in your subconscious, in the wake of psychological experiences that still have not been assimilated well. If you have some antipathy, resentment or grudge toward some member of your family, now is the time to reflect on it and, thereafter, improve your relationship with that person.

July 12, 2011   12 AM(July 11, 2011 to July 13, 2011)Ven Sxtil Moon



A harmonious aspect between Venus and Moon indicates the escalation of your personal romanticism. Your imagination is intensified now, especially, since your surroundings provide a stimuli and small daily events that make you agreeable and merry. In this respect, you could receive a gift, a call, have a special meaningful encounter, or simply will observe that some of your loved ones respond to you in a vibrant, cozy and warm way. During this short period of time, there is harmony between your need to be open, amused and loved on one hand, and your family responsibilities or relationship to your parents on the other hand. Thus, if you are involved in a love relationship now, you will find that the interrelationship will be more and better accepted by your family.

Everything mentioned, without a doubt, will bring greater inner emotional balance and promote some very important and satisfactory relationships with people of your emotional and family environment. You are especially receptive to the feelings and emotional states of other people, which increases your capacity of intense psychic communication with your loved ones or those you protect.

Your feelings are fine and pure now, and at the same time you will want contact with beauty, amusement, aesthetics and art as way of releasing your creative inspiration.

During the time of this aspect it is advisable to acquire a greater vision of the positive elements that sentimentally are forming part of your life; thus, if you give inner thanks for the good things happening to you, it is very probable that they are expanded and magnified. Don't concentrate on things you lack or would like to possess emotionally, it would be preferable to put your psyche on positive things and what is good for your family and sentimental relationships. In some way, perfection in human relationships is impossible.






July 20, 2011    7 PM(July 19, 2011 to July 21, 2011) Sun Sqr Plu



This aspect symbolizes the possibility of a small irritation or conflict of little importance in your love relationship. Perhaps subconsciously something has been growing between you that has not been dealt with, come to light or outlined in a direct and respectful way. Now is the time to review possible latent issues between you, such as jealousy, secret sensitivities or egotistic attitudes of one with respect to the other. Don't forget that in love relationships there has to be revitalization from day to day that should not be neglected, but is advisable to maintain continual attention and concentration. Learn to share the achievements that each of you may have accomplished, talk about the psychological imperfections that still are within you and have not yet been surpassed, in fact, summarize your psyche in an earthly way. It is not the time to conceal anything, but rather to recognize your own limitations and making goals to surpass them. Sharing your limitations with your loved one will help you gain more strength to tackle the task.

You will also notice an increase in your sexual energy during the time of this astrological aspect, but at given times it could be expressed abruptly and vacillating. A satisfying sexual relationship requires self-control, commitment and desire. True love is accompanied by higher qualities such as the above mentioned. Don't forget that a sexual relationship is brought about simultaneously on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. The physical vitality must be accompanied by the feeling of sincerity and intense communication so that the spark of real love can be produced.

Avoid superior or arrogant attitudes in your love relationship and practice sincere communication every day. Don't accumulate anything or keep anything for tomorrow. If you believe that your mate has failed in some way, first meditate on it and when you are completely calm, show respect and confidence in your companion. By continuing this method you will find that a good quality of communication is established, and the results will be seen by you alone. It is always preferable to quietly become aware of the situation before accusing each other without reason and common sense. Don't allow anything to alter the confidence in your mate, since this is the basis on which a stable and fulfilling relationship is sustained. Neither of you are perfect, and that is what makes your adventure more interesting.

July 26, 2011    3 PM(July 25, 2011 to July 28, 2011)Mars Sxtil Ven



A harmonious aspect of transiting Mars to Venus activates your emotional, sensuous and affectionate energy. The relationship to your mate will be especially vital. You may want to expand, enjoy, entertain and intensify your emotional communication. In general, you will feel more sure of expressing your emotions and addressing your relationship to your mate. Thus, the decisions you make will be supported and applauded by your companion, provided that you outline them in an agreeable, exonerating and balanced way. Take the good advice of your loved one now. Upon making decisions jointly you will benefit in all kinds of activities, such as professional, economic or of any other nature. Your mate will tend to moderate, calm down, balance and perfect the ideas and initiatives that now are buzzing around in your head. This daily sincere exchange at the time of making decisions will enormously strengthen the confidence between both of you. Everything will be going along well and you will prove that as a couple you are very capable of resolving matters of great importance as well as daily things.

Sensually, you now tend to be very passionate, spontaneous and ardent in the manifestation of your emotions, which will increase the level of energy exchange between you and your companion. This generates greater inner security in you as well as your partner and greater ability to contend with the daily circumstances. Furthermore, as time goes on you will know how to better combine the responsibilities that each of you have from day to day, on one hand, and times of leisure and expansion, on the other hand.

Briefly, you are likely to have new and intensive experiences in relationship to your mate, which will give you opportunities to develop delivery, intensity, sacrifice and nobility. It is very probable that you now crave fresh air, a trip or sports activity with your companion to create the feeling of being immersed in an adventurous environment. Without a doubt, the greatest adventure you will have together is that of your own life, since sharing determination, projects, ideals and accomplishments will bring vibrant and emotional experiences that you will remember forever. You will also have opportunities for creative leisures, enjoying new surroundings, and very fulfilling periods, weekends or a vacation for both of you.

July 26, 2011    7 PM(July 25, 2011 to July 27, 2011) Ven Sqr Plu



A disharmonious aspect of transiting Venus to Pluto brings an increase of your sensuous vital energies. This means that your affections will be accentuated during the time of this astrological aspect. An increase of your personal energy level in principle is of neutral character, that is to say, neither harmonious nor disharmonious, since this depends a great deal on your will. A disharmonious astrological aspect, without a doubt, could incline you to express that energy in an unbalanced way or against your natural character. That is to say, your affectionate energy could have psychological manifestations of a disharmonious character, such as jealousy, excessive attachment to your loved one, or trying to impose your whims on your mate by more or less subtle methods. It is advisable to become aware of this and to control certain instinctive tendencies that now could emerge. Remember that happiness in your relationship, the integration with your loved one, and your personal accomplishment depends a great deal on the respect you have for yourself and each other. Avoid capricious, disrespectful or out of place reactions, and try to amend this kind of conduct and extreme attitudes, always cultivating a moderate and balanced behavior.

Desire is an innate and natural inclination in human beings and, if it is accompanied by emotions and higher thoughts, constitutes the basis for greater happiness and personal development. It is important that the desire always will be an instrument of the personality, and not the other way around, since in this case sooner or later dissatisfaction is produced. Thus, if you allow yourself to be controlled by the instinct of pleasure, you won't have the ability to relax, to enjoy yourself and expand the relationship with your mate. Rather, a vacuum sensation exists upon channeling personal sensuous energies only toward physical pleasure.

You have to learn to relax, to take your time, and to give your sensuous appetites a creative impulse, which neither more nor less is the basis of total sexuality.




  July 31, 2011   12 AM(July 29, 2011 to Aug 1, 2011)Mars Trine Plu



This harmonious aspect of transiting Mars to Pluto generates an increase of your sexual and vital energy. Sexual energy is bound to self-confidence, which increases your total energy and personal magnetism during this period. It is a good time to deepen the interrelationship that exists between managing sexual energy and total vital energy. Sexual energy is a manifestation of total vital energy, and when sexual energy is used adequately, vital energy is increased. If you now have a satisfying sexual life you will observes that your personal energy will increase. Briefly, real sexuality does not consist of squandering your own energy, but exchanging it in an act in which psychological penetration, confidence and understanding with your mate exists. Thus, when mutual confidence and respect exists, sexual energy is exchanged and not wasted or worn. That is to say, this kind of relationship doesn't squander vital energy, but exactly the opposite, since each partner is more revitalized through the act of making love.

If you project this psychic energy toward someone you love and have full confidence in him/her, then that energy is strengthened, exalted and sublimated. In that way, your increased vital energy will allow you to have a clearer conscience.

It is very important for you to have an active sexual or physical relationship now, but also consider that it is essential to have psychological understanding with your mate as well as self-realization. You want to devote long periods of time to intense communication with your companion, since you have a need to exchange experiences, share your life together, poll your every day life, understand him/her better psychologically as well as to understand yourself better and, in fact, to perfect yourself.

Obviously self-realization is something personal, but it can be accelerated and intensified when each partner is committed to conscientiously improve his/her personality and impels the other to self-understanding. This is what designates real "sexual alchemy", according to which the sexual process is something that occurs on three different levels: physical, emotional and mental. This is the real concept of sexuality, the word derived from "six", that is to say, physical - emotional - mental of the man added to the physical - emotional - mental of the woman. A real sexual contact is produced on those three levels, and this is a good astrological aspect to begin understanding that kind of living together.

Aug 8, 2011          (July 28, 2011 to Oct 2, 2011)Jup Trine Moon



A harmonious aspect of transiting Jupiter to Moon expands your family relationships. This astrological vibration brings very positive and harmonious energies that will benefit your paternal household as well as your conjugal family in case you are married. Fundamentally, you will be more open, optimistic, generous and affectionate with the members of your family. If you have children, you will be more mothering, good-natured and very vital in your relationship to them. Briefly, this harmonious influence increases the quality of your romantic and family relationships in general, above all, because the people involved in the relationship now are more receptive and able to take things more philosophically. All this supports greater happiness, strengthens your emotional ties, and brings the possibility of enjoying new experiences, conversing about interesting topics, and agreeing more on matters that relate to the whole family.

You now tend to idealize your romantic relationships more, and can see beyond what you only have glimpsed before. If a small susceptibility or emotional problem arises, you are able to surpass it quickly thanks to your kindness and spirit of generosity. That is to say, you have an understanding attitude, common sense, are wise and very respectful. You will find that almost any family situation, relationship to children, romance, courtship or marriage can be solved without great difficulties or burdens. This astrological aspect helps to transcend above emotional susceptibilities and permits you to be most optimistic, positive and vital.

If you are not involved with anyone, this is a good time to establish a lasting and interesting relationship, probably on a trip or in a different place. If you are engaged, you could make important decisions about future accomplishments and setting up a household together during this period. Also, this astrological position is ideal to get married, because it may enormously facilitate the achievement of material resources and the necessary family support to take that step. If you are married, you will be able to expand your household, improve your bases, and delve into emotional ties of mutual understanding. You also will have greater support from your own family to realize plans of expansion in your professional life. If you count on the help of your family, you will receive the most important support in your personal path.


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