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Page of Wands

Page of Wands


A physical description of a person associated with the page of wands in the minor arcana would be that of a likeable stranger or younger person with light to red colored hair and blue eyes

They would have the personality traits of being mild mannered, friendly and polite with a helpful enthusiastic attitude. Although they would be hard working and adaptable, they tend to be impulsive and hyperactive with minimal staying power, leading to a low boredom threshold

Divinatory Meaning

When the page of wands shows in a querents spread it indicates that they need to break free of oppression or stagnation in a business, or to find solutions to problems

They need to find a new approach to things, and accept that change is in the air, and that a friend could help them to see things in a different light or attain a fresh perspective

The page of wands is a trusted friend, devoted to a querents best interests, so do not fear accepting what he has to say on the behalf of another person as his intentions will be honorable

This card in a tarot spread can indicate that the querent wants things to change, so the page of wands could also indicate a new beginning of a practical, business or career nature such as a new job or development in the person's career field

This longing for a change could also relate to a loved one, close friend or family member - the querent should focus on receiving good news on this front

Some random points associated with the minor arcana page of wands in a spread are as follows: It identifies the querent as a younger person with a melancholy outlook on life, or some readers interpret the card as a reference to a near relative or close friend of the querent. It also indicates a messenger, messages, telephone calls and official communications. The receiving of communications so that a decision can be made. Someone is trying to tell the querent something

If the reading for the querent is regarding spiritual issues the page of wands could signify a spiritual aspect to a practical matter, such as a business trip that the querent is going to undertake - this may bring new spiritual meaning to the person's life in an unexpected manner

Some readers also interpret the card as indicating the possible taking up of a new residence, maybe abroad

When a reader sees this card in a tarot spread it speaks of a trustworthy and reliable young person who desires to bring happiness, excitement and light to those around them. They are a faithful messenger of witty gossip and good news, dedicated to giving good service to superiors

The page of wands in the minor arcana is also the loyal envoy and emissary of the royal family

Page of Wands Reversed

Not what we want to see. The page of wands reversed depicts a mean spirited, aggressive person who never has anything good to say about any one or any thing, their pessimism always brings everyone down, and can undercut the enthusiasm and self confidence of anyone they meet

Or they can cast themselves in "the victim" role and come across as helpless, but in reality they're a superficial, arrogant, lazy, uncooperative, impatient person, unwilling to make any effort

Because of the way they act this person hasn't earned any admiration or respect, yet amazingly they seem to expect that respect is owed to them

So you can see that when the minor arcana page of wands appears reversed in a tarot spread, all of the person's fine, honest qualities change to petulance and dishonesty. You may have thought that they could be trusted, but this isn't the case as they lie and spread gossip, unable to keep a confidence

One more negative point regarding the page of wands reversed is that it can signify delays in the resolution of pressing problems or in a change of residence

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