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More Cards From The Major Arcana


Major Arcana tarot cards will always be the dominant card in any tarot card reading - and will have more influence over the final outcome of a reading than Minor Arcana or "Pips" cards in the spread.

On an earlier page we had a quick look at the influence of the first 8 Major Arcana cards, featuring The Fool through to The Chariot

Breath taking artwork has been a feature of the tarot card deck throughout the ages, and many decks are prized by collectors who will never use them for divination

Italian and French artists dominated the earlier illustrations, and are regarded as being among the more historically correct and genuine designs  of the time. But, of course things change over time, and so did the tarot artwork as things altered and evolved over the years - even the great Salvador Dali featured a tarot card pack as one of his works

This next batch of 7 Major Arcana cards to look at features: Justice, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Hanged Man, Death, and Temperance


Justice tarot card  The Justice tarot card, number 8 in the Major Arcana depicts a person of means or even royalty in a fine robe seated between two pillars (of justice?) holding the sword and scales of justice which represent a balance of retribution and mercy

When Justice shows in a subjects card spread it could almost be taken at face value signifying a fair decision or deserved  success after past efforts have been made

Depending on the surrounding cards in the spread and the situation that your subject is in, The Justice card can indicate a favorable and amicable resolution of conflict, arbitration, or settlements of litigation and legal actions

But if the card should come up reversed it can warn your subject of confusion and complications in a legal or tax negotiation - even an unfair or delayed judgement against them in some cases



the hermit tarot card  The Hermit tarot card, number 9 in our examples of the Major Arcana cards depicts the lonely hermit making his way through the world dressed in ancient robes and carrying a lantern to guide him - or to put it simply, though living a life of seclusion, the hermit is searching for spiritual guidance

When The Hermit tarot card shows in a querent's spread it can show that a completion of important events is about to take place in their life and only then will they be free to make a fresh start on their future

The Hermit can signify to your subject that they need to slow down their life and take the  time for careful consideration of any issues that they might have, stand back and reflect upon their circumstances

If the hermit tarot card should show up reversed in your subject's spread then you must be aware that they are likely to be cold hearted and have a lack of faith in guidance from others. They are likely to reject assistance or advice from others and can be suspicious of another person's motives when help is offered



the wheel of fortune tarot card  Wheel of Fortune in The Major Arcana symbolizes a higher source coming to bring help and aid to a person, and as a circle it represents the cycle of human life with it's ups and downs. The Wheel of Fortune is card number 10 in the Major Arcana

When the Wheel of Fortune shows in a querent's tarot card spread it signifies potential success if they're willing to make changes in their life, adapt, and  let fate lend a helping hand in  their new life cycle

There's a hint of  karmic elements at work here, fate smiles on the person who deserves good fortune in life after surviving their trials and tribulations - unexpected good luck comes their way -  and just like The Wheel of Fortune - what goes around comes around



Strength Tarot Card  The Strength Tarot Card as illustrated here in the Major Arcana speaks of some of the many ways that Man can perceive strength - not necessarily as a display of sheer force - but also as a wise control and understanding of the beast within

If the Strength tarot card should show up in your querent's spread it can hint of their ability to cope well under pressure and win through their battles in life - both in relationships and career matters

The person in the illustration is able to pet the lion and stand alongside the powerful animal in harmony and respect through understanding how to control the strength involved

If your subject seeks guidance on partnerships or legal matters, the strength card in their tarot reading indicates that any judgements or outcomes will be balanced and fair in their favor

If however the Strength tarot card should show up reversed in the spread then you should be aware that your subject could have a lack of faith or will power, and has an inability to take affirmative action

They should be encouraged to literally have the strength to grasp opportunities that are available to them, and not to give up or throw in the towel when they are so close to the goal or finishing line



The Hanged Man Tarot Card  The Hanged Man Tarot Card is number 12 in The Major Arcana -  and yet again don't jump to conclusions because of the Hanged Man title - because most illustrations of this popular tarot card show a relaxed young man hanging upside down from a tree with just one foot tied to a branch. So forget about stretched necks/nooses/purple faces - stuff like that for this hanged man

The hanged man is taking a fresh look at life, trying out a new perspective - have you seen children in the playground hanging upside down from the climbing frame - they seem happy to see the world from a different point of view, and the hanged man tells of wisdom to be gained if a person will just embrace this position and take a break from every day activities while taking a wider view

When the Hanged Man tarot card shows in a spread it can signify that the subject is willing to shed old ideas, take a new look at their life, and let go of old interests and values - even if it means that friends drift away

If this card shows up reversed in a tarot card spread it can tell the reader that the subject is restrained and being held up by their long held inhibitions and value system - it will be hard for them to adopt a fresh outlook and make the effort to change their views



Death Tarot Card   The Death Tarot Card, not as bad as it first seems - as long as you don't take it literally - and can ignore the fact that it's given the unlucky number 13 in the Major Arcana, because it doesn't have to signify physical death for the subject when it turns up in a tarot reading , rather an ending of a situation for them that could be for the better

It most obviously tells of the ending or completion of a chapter in a persons life and the opportunity for a new beginning - a fresh start in life for them - if they will take it, and for a business person, The Death tarot card could even signal the conclusion of an important transaction (successful or otherwise) and of new opportunities to come

The Death tarot card can signal to a subject that they should stop wasting their life, realize that they should cut out their excesses of living, put their past behind them and choose a brighter future because they've reached a transition point, and need to make changes in the very way that they approach life, adjust their status and embrace the result, be it good or bad

If The Death tarot card should show up reversed in a tarot reading it can tell of a life that for the subject has ground to a halt, empty, stagnated and dead. The person feels bogged down and unable to move on in their situation, stuck in a meaningless existence, they long for something to happen that will propel them into a happier state of mind



  When we see the Temperance Tarot Card in a querent's spread it's saying that they have, or need to have self control in their life and live within their means

The Temperance tarot card is number 14 in the Major Arcana and depending on where it falls within a tarot spread it can represent a person's guardian angel looking out for them in a business or even a personal relationship

If your subject has been suddenly presented with unexpected circumstances, the Temperance tarot card signifies that they'll be able to manage the changes in a calm and mature way

But when Temperance shows up reversed in a tarot card spread, look out for your subject being impatient, selfish and inconsiderate in their dealings with people. This can cause friction and instability, quarrels and domestic conflict that could make life a misery for all concerned


So, that's the end of our quick look at this second batch of tarot cards from The Major Arcana. The pictures we used are from  the Rider-Waite tarot deck that has more or less become the worldwide standard due to the powerful symbolism and ease of interpretation

Discover the meanings of the next batch of cards from the Major Arcana on my next page click here



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