King of wands in minor arcana

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King of Wands

King of Wands


When we look at the physical attributes of the king of wands in the minor arcana we see red, yellow (blond) or brown hair and blue eyes. An older man, athletic, strong and healthy

Personality traits of the king of wands are many and varied. This person has a very good sense of humour, is creative, self expressive, domineering, showy, theatrical and loves to gamble but they're honorable in the old fashioned sense

This person is much travelled, sexually passionate, generous, just and kind - they make an excellent advisor. They have power and influence, and know when to take action to form harmonious personal relationships

Divinatory Meaning

Your querent should be happy to see the king of wands show up in his tarot spread because he's a "born leader" card, the insignia of great power and authority, energy, excitement and confidence

The king of wands in the minor arcana knows how to romance women, and will sweep them off their feet with wine and roses but the problem is that he may not bother to hold on to them as he's always looking for the next bigger and better deal. He's creative, passionate and jealous, a political activist, an artist or a race car driver

A king of wands type person is someone who people naturally follow and flock to, as he seems to be able to get things done (curiously often by getting other people to get the work done for him). He is strength, leadership, creativity, vision and the motivation to bring the creative vision into reality. And so, he represents the epitome of the qualities that we associate with the element of fire

As with many other significant cards the application of the symbolism of the king will change depending on the adjacent cards, so power and authority can assist or oppose the interests of your querent. The negative aspect of the king of wands stems from his drive and energy which can be seen by others as an arrogant, distracted  pushy nature, or insolent sense of grandeur

This card represents a man who is often successful in business life, he will be loyal, honest and generous. He is for the most part charming and entertaining and also loves home and family life, but if pushed or provoked he will act without hesitation

King of Wands Reversed

When the king of wands is reversed in your querents tarot  spread you should be aware that the person doesn't care about how others feel and has a ruthless streak that can make them pushy and overbearing

When reversed the king of wands typifies the most selfish and ruthless qualities of the fire element, and usually doesn't even realize when he (or she) crosses the thin line between being assertive and being aggressive

This is seldom done with malice or with the intention of making someone submissive, it's just a strong tendency that sometimes takes control

Reversed shows the dark side of the king he can denote a manipulative and unscrupulous business contact or competitor who will use and discard the querent when they have served their purpose

He has no tolerance, is bigoted and very narrow minded, with deeply held prejudices and an inability to see or appreciate any others point of view

Health issues for your querent  that may be associated with the king of wands : headaches, hip problems, hand problems, a stroke and having to use a wheelchair


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