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Intuition can help you read Tarot Cards


You don't have to be psychic to use tarot cards but you do need to be in tune with your intuition. It's a gut feeling we get regardless of the logistics of a particular situation

Our intuitions are our natural ability to instinctively sense things in the world around us - it's nothing to do with our cognitive abilities. Intuition kicks in to let us know that something is wrong even when all appears to be right

Think back to those times when you've met a new person who appears wonderful to everyone else - but you've sensed that something wasn't quite right with that person. You've not been able to put your finger on it but somehow you knew that something wasn't right

That's your intuition warning you. What happens in a case like this is that although outwardly you'll act friendly towards that new acquaintance - deep inside you'll be guarded and alert because of the feeling you have on a gut level

Being psychic is a little different from having keen intuition, psychic ability is when your senses go beyond the normal range of perception. It's considered a gift of sorts, and different people who are considered “psychic” may actually have a specific type of gift that they use to give psychic readings

Some of the ways that this gift of being psychic manifests itself is in a person being able to hear and see things beyond the normal span of hearing and vision, or being able to channel into the spiritual realm. These are just some of the more obvious ways that psychic ability shows itself

The person who is psychic can unconsciously use their gift without having to think about it - just the same as a person with well developed natural intuition can use their skill to read tarot cards

Obviously - to be an effective reader of tarot cards you don't have to be psychic - but you must be alert and tuned into your intuition, because you'll find the more you discover and use your natural intuition when interpreting the tarot, the stronger and more focused  it becomes

It's like any other life skill - the more you do something - like using your intuition in this case - the better you become at doing it

The tarot cards are just tools for you to focus your intuitive senses on as you connect to the person that you're doing the reading for while you build a picture of what's going on in their life

Some people are naturally intuitive and even psychic while others have to work a little harder to get the same sense of what's going on

So remember as  you buy that first tarot card deck, that the cards in your hands aren't “magic” in and of themselves. It's your energy that's switched into the cards, and that's what makes the magic work for you

It's your intuitive connection to the symbolism on the cards or your psychic abilities that creates the magic

The symbolism of each picture on the cards, your knowledge and your intuitive feelings in relation to the card and your subject is what makes for a successful interpretation of the tarot cards deck. There are many tarot decks in use today - here's a short list of just a few that are available:

- The Ator Tarot- This is a whimsical take on The Rider Waite tarot featuring adorable characters, just right for those looking for a new and refreshing look at divination

- The Benedetti Tarot- Inspired by the Visconti Tarot and painted on gold leaf, the choice of psychic tarot readers who want to bring a bit of elegance to their reading

- The Cat People Tarot- Featuring mystics and their cat companions, giving a glimpse of lands that are far away. Best bet for those into divining human imagination

- The Coleman Smith Tarot- A more modern version of The Rider Waite tarot deck. The highly original drawings and psychedelic colors are a new approach to psychic readings

- The Curious Tarot- The most unusual of the modern tarot decks, the characters are eerie in the way they capture the workings of the atomic age

- The Golden Tarot- Although this is a modern deck it is more medieval in it's rendition, and is often the choice of those who are great thinkers

- The Haindl Tarot- This is a compilation and wonderful rendition of the many traditions  and forms of divination all in one deck

- The International Icon Tarot- A Swiss rendition of traditional tarot symbolism, but with a humorous approach to psychic reading, very popular deck

- The Lovecraft Tarot- A good choice for those fascinated by the macabre writings of H P Lovecraft. The deck is a tribute to the writer

- The Marseilles Tarot- Originates from the 18th century and is 200 years older than the Rider Waite deck. Many users feel that it's the best for the divination of the common people

- The Minciate Tarot- The deck contains over 97 cards, more than most tarot decks, and this rendition of a surviving 18th century deck is considered the most powerful of all divination tools as it provides deep insight  to any questions asked

- The Palladini Tarot- A tarot deck created to merge the ancient with the future. The renditions use elements of ancient Egypt and modern art, it's a favorite with new tarot students

- The Phoenix Tarot- Is one of the most beautiful of the 20th century decks with it's vibrant colors bringing new life to the Tarot

 If you don't have a deck of your own yet, and aren't sure what style that you'd like to work with, then take a look at what's on offer with over 1000 examples of decks old and new that you can choose from at Aeclectic Tarot it's a fantastic free tarot resource that aims to get you started on the right path with the minimum of fuss. You can also get some affordable beginners books to help you get started, so check it out now, and come back to us later !



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