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Four of Swords Tarot Card

four of swords tarot card


The Four of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

At first glance the four of swords tarot card illustration seems to show a body laid to rest in a chapel, is this a portent of doom for your querent ? Well, relax for now, because it's just someone looking for a quiet place to get away from lifes problems and the hustle and bustle of every day living. Meaning that they need somewhere to find a little solitude, and to be at peace for a while in order to re-charge the batteries and rejuvenate the spirits

The four of swords tarot card follows on from the painful image of the three of swords - it indicates that your querent needs some time alone to re-evaluate their situation and the current state of their lives after a period of intense and complicated situations that involved many other people - hence the need for some solitude and time apart from others

This card of the minor arcana has the attributes of solitude and contemplation, it means that your querent needs to experience some time apart from others in order to gather their thoughts and feelings and to aim for their life's goals

Solitude, although often difficult to bear is necessary for us to be able to recharge our batteries, meaning that despite the fact that we mostly desire to get out into the world and interact with others in order to take our minds off of our troubles, it's sometimes more beneficial to find a place apart from others, to meditate and spend time by ourselves

The four of swords tarot card indicates a time for your querent to relax, to give up some actions in order to retreat from a difficult situation, and take time to regroup their resources, meaning that they will conserve their energy for the battles ahead

The solitary experience will always bear fruit and reveal a reserve of greater inner strength and confidence. If we're able to face ourselves directly, not run away from the difficult situations and stand firm we will ultimately become more alive and aware of all the good in our lives. This means that we will develop the inner strength needed to cope more readily with problems in the future

And now, the bad news for your querent is that depending on surrounding cards in the tarot spread, he/she may be about to deal with the following random and very diverse scenarios that can be signified by the attributes of this minor arcana card:

Your work environment will be made unpleasant due to upsets and an undercurrent of bad feeling and tension. You will seek to heal a rift or make amends with your family, but some inner turmoil stops you from reaching out. Depending on surrounding cards in the spread this card could also indicate a death. There will soon be a change back to the active life, so grab this time for rest, recovery, retreat, solitude and quiet, as you need to plan and think while you work on a problem

The divination could relate to hospitals or people who work in hospitals. Rest and recovery, recuperation, renewal through truce, and an end to conflict with a peaceful interlude

When we see this card - and again this depends on other cards in the spread - it can mean peace gained by use of arms (sword), and rest after a battle well fought. It can literally mean a tomb, or relief from anxiety or sorrow - remember this is all in relation to other cards in the spread, and the querent shouldn't become too isolated from friends and family during this time

Meaning Reversed

If the four of swords tarot card appears in the reversed position during a tarot reading it can mean the negative attributes of enforced isolation, solitude and loneliness, a short illness, or temporary financial problems and minor misfortunes in a querent's life

The querent may have been isolated and in retreat for too long, and become cut off from friends, detached and secluded, or lost their nerve and drifted into a depressed state of mind. They need to make the effort to re-engage with society and realise their goals

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