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Five of Swords Tarot Card

five of swords tarot card


The Five of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

When this card of the minor arcana shows up in a reading that you're doing for a client you'll have to be prepared to tread softly and use all of your divinatory skills to find something positive for the querent to take from the outcome. Meaning that there's no sign of a "win/win" situation here, or is there ...

Let's start with the picture on the five of swords tarot card. This minor arcana card shows a vindictive and gloating victor of a battle gathering up the enemy swords or spoils of victory - this often relates to a betrayal, or sneak attack by someone that your client trusts and regards as a friend. It can even mean an unfaithful lover, or maybe a jealous business rival who seeks to sabotage your client by going behind their back with vicious gossip and slander

If your client is in some sort of conflict at the time of the reading you should be aware that it's probable that the nature of the conflict will make it possible that no party can win, no matter what level they sink to in their use of dirty tactics

The five of swords tarot card has the attributes of victory and conquest, and if your client has been aggressive in their struggles then perhaps they will achieve their objectives, but if they've been passive about defending their interests they may be the ones having to give in against an opposing force

They will feel that they don't want to face up to the ordeal ahead and get over the obstacles in their way, but they know that they must do it in order to have things go their way. This means that they're in for a struggle, and worse still, there's more work and problems ahead that haven't even shown up on the radar

This card in a tarot reading represents ambition, but not in a good way - it's ambition in a negative sense, meaning that too much ambition without regard to the consequences to oneself or those around you will ultimately put everyone in a situation of loss. So whether your client represents themselves as the winner or the loser in the conflict, it's a negative connotation for their reading.

If their focus is solely on victory and on winning their goals at all costs, they'll eventually be dismayed to discover that the price of winning may not be worth the reward, and this leads to callous winners and dejected losers

When the five of swords tarot card in a reading falls next to cards relating to the past, such as  the five or six of Cups it can mean that your client is holding a grudge or resents a previous slight that they need to forgive and forget

They need to learn about surrender of victory and defeat, failure, malice, degradation or conquest by unfair means. More random attributes to this card in a tarot reading are: Cowardice, cruelty, tragic situation, mourning, loss, failure, dishonor, a need to curb futile belligerence, accept the inevitable and swallow one's pride, negative thoughts and attitudes

Meaning Reversed

When this minor arcana card falls reversed in your clients spread it can mean that your client will be vindicated and cleared of any misunderstanding or gossip, and the enemy will be revealed as a vicious troublemaker who has acted with malice and spite in their affairs

The five of swords tarot card reversed in your querent's spread can be meaning that there's a conflict in their life that they've tried to leave behind and walk away from, but which continues to follow them. This could be an "ex" in their life who continues to make things difficult for them when it comes to moving on to new relationships even though the querent is able to forgive past wrongs

Maybe at this point it's best for them to return to the attributes of the four of swords and put some space between themselves and those that they're in conflict with, meaning that they should take some time to relax and let some of the raw emotion fade away

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