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Child Astrological Report for

Sunday Rose

July 7, 2008

10:49 PM

Nashville, Tennessee


Astral Child




 This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for Sunday Rose's parents, with a special commitment: to help with Sunday Rose's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen her assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that Sunday Rose could face in her life.

     Chapter 1 describes Sunday Rose the way she really is (position of the Sun), and the way her personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to her mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Sunday Rose sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics she takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual's perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Sunday Rose's temperament, focusing her mind, her attitude toward education, and her intellectual capacity.

     Chapter 5 describes Sunday Rose's destiny, her vocation, her profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Sunday Rose's vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

     Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Sunday Rose's health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Sunday Rose is going to suffer from them, one by one.  It does mean that those are her weak points and she is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for Sunday Rose to have better nutrition are mentioned. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN REGARDING ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE!!! FOLLOW YOUR PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE AND ANY MEDICATION OR THERAPY THAT HE/SHE RECOMMENDS!!! ASTROLOGY SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

     Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

     It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that Sunday Rose may have both positive and negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

*** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun     16 Can 22               Neptune  23 Aqu 48
Moon    22 Vir 39               Pluto    29 Sag 23
Mercury 26 Gem 05               Asc.      9 Pis 27
Venus   24 Can 19               MC       17 Sag 59
Mars     3 Vir 52               2nd cusp 23 Ari 05
Jupiter 17 Cap 37               3rd cusp 24 Tau 07
Saturn   5 Vir 11               5th cusp 10 Can 01
Uranus  22 Pis 36               6th cusp  4 Leo 51

Tropical  Placidus   Summer Saving Time observed
GMT: 03:49:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 36 N 09 57 86 W 47 04

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  6 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  6 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

*** Chapter 1 ***

General description of the child: essential nature and

personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Cancer:

     The Cancer child is very sensitive and moody. She can laugh and cry many times during the same day. Sunday Rose is very perceptive and is fascinated by the world around her, always trying to discover new things. She is attracted to all the colorful images she sees and these images will stay in her mind forever. This child is delicate, gets scared pretty easily, and will probably need a light on at night. Her emotional world is vast and she has a great need to give and receive love. At a young age she takes on the role of protector and she usually has pets. She loves to feed them and takes care of them with great dedication and delicacy. Children of Cancer are very good doctors and nurses.

     The main influence for Sunday Rose is the home, and she has a special relationship with her mother. She may depend on her parents and brothers or sisters longer than other children might. She can be very shy and sometimes she does not like to be around people. You do not have to force her or compel her to do something. She has a delicate sensitivity and will always remember any bad treatment she has received, which could cause problems or traumas in the future. She is very aware of what is going on around her, so it is very important not to quarrel when she is there, or she could feel guilty about it. Though she is docile, quiet and tender emotionally, it is not easy for her to follow other peoples' rules. She is very individualistic and independent in her way of thinking. Sunday Rose usually gets what she wants and sometimes she is a sort of spoiled child. But if she does not receive the love and tenderness she needs, she could become a rude and lonely person.

     She has a bright imagination and it is very probable that she will meet friends of the same kind to play with. She also shows some tendencies towards the arts and creativity in general, especially music. Teachers might complain about her stubbornness or that she is a day-dreamer. Usually when Cancer children get hurt, they keep quiet instead of letting everybody know what happened.

     Sunday Rose gathers strength from nature. She would be very happy sowing seeds and watching them grow. She is usually in a good mood and communicates her joy to others. You do not have to worry about her bad moods; they will disappear quickly. She keeps all the things she loves. Even as a grown-up she will still have her toys. This is true also with the things of her heart, including her family, her friends, the neighborhood, the city, etc. She loves to collect things and she is very fond of history. No matter where she lives, she will always keep her memories very fresh. That is why her parents should keep her things, her books, even her own room the same after she leaves home. Only when she feels emotionally complete will she show her authority naturally and become a leader. Girls of Cancer could have a stronger personality than boys of Cancer, and they will be the leaders in their homes. Because a Cancer child develops a deep love for her family, she will always be willing to assist them. All the love she receives from her parents will work as an investment, as she will give it back to them in larger amounts.

Pisces Rising Sign:

     Sunday Rose's physical body will be soft and delicate, with a regular height, round facial features and very special eyes. Usually, the color of the eyes will be green or grey or an undefined color, and will change as she grows; as an adult, she will have eyes that change with the weather and the intensity of the light. She will have a great imagination and sensitivity. Sunday Rose will be very affectionate and will be always looking for demonstrations of love from her parents. She will marvel at fairy tales and big doses of fantasy, and will prefer to live in her own world instead of living in the adult world. This will be true as long as she lives; in the future she will be an eternal romantic and idealist. If Sunday Rose's Sun (as shown above) is located in Virgo or Aquarius, this Ascendant placement will alter her mental inclination a bit and she will be more intuitive. Her sensitivity is intense, and her feelings can be easily hurt. Tears will be seen very often on her face, even as an adult. She will be very comfortable communing with nature, walking in the woods, playing on the beach, and caring for a pet at home. Sunday Rose will feel compassion for any suffering person and her charitable soul will be always ready to serve and help. Her idealistic attitude can cause disappointment when facing reality; it is important to teach her to direct her imagination into artistic activity and to analyze reality objectively. If Sunday Rose feels hurt or is afraid of something, she will be evasive and may stay in her room and/or sleep too much.

     Her childhood is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. These two planets tend to create a special climate and an atmosphere of overprotection. One or both of her parents have suffered through crisis situations and do not want their child to experience what they did, so that is why they overprotect her, and give her all she needs. The result of this is that Sunday Rose, as an adult, will not have the strength to deal with everyday conflicts; she will be exhausted by problems, because the real world will turn out to be different than the one she was shown. Emotionally, she is remarkably sweet. Her heart is prepared to give love endlessly, and she will sacrifice everything for those she loves. Another of Sunday Rose's characteristic is her intuition; she will often feel events before they happen. There are frequent paranormal experiences. She could dream of her uncle, who has been absent for a long time, who nobody has heard from, coming home, and suddenly, there he is. Her sensitivity makes her be very impressionable to aggression and cruelty. It is best not to let her watch TV (at least not too much), because this could inhibit her own imagination, and could impress her with scenes of violence. It is important to nurture her dreams and aspirations, without regard to how far from reality they seem to be or how impossible they look. If Sunday Rose grows up receiving the support and love she needs, she will turn dreams into reality on her own.

Uranus in 1st house:

     Sunday Rose seems to have been born with an extra dose of energy. She will be restless and rebellious. Her natural response to any order will be "no". She was not born to follow an organized and conventional road. Her ideas are original and future-oriented, which is why sometimes she will be misunderstood. In spite of this, Sunday Rose will never be inhibited and will always act with freedom. She will be attracted to extravagant and uncommon things. As a child, she will be fascinated by the TV set and electronic equipment in general. Her fast and innovating mind can make her easily bored with her toys. As she grows, this astrological influence can be very useful but it can also be a problem. Positively, Sunday Rose will be a very creative and original person, and will stand out in fields like sciences, mathematics or electrical engineering. Negatively, she can be a bit erratic and unpredictable, doing what she wants without taking others into consideration. Sometimes it is very good to rebel against restrictions, but she seems to have a good reason to rebel against everything. Parents must help this girl to develop her great inventive abilities, because her ideas could change the world.

*** Chapter 2 ***

Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love

and share.

Moon in Virgo:

     She can be very shy and reserved when expressing her feelings. Her emotional world is fragile and she can be hurt quite easily. She sometimes inclines to have a negative attitude about her physical and intellectual attributes, regardless of whether there is any validity to her concerns, and this can inhibit her. Sunday Rose will do best in a well-organized and neat place. She will worry about personal hygiene and about the order and cleanliness of her environment. Sunday Rose will be very helpful and will cooperate with everybody, and will never make personal demands or bother her elders.

     This astrological position generates inhibitions in the emotional world, and parents must remember that most of them begin in childhood. That is why it is best when her parents, especially her mother, are loving and tender with Sunday Rose. Parents must initiate dialogue and give her attention without putting pressure on her. Her sensitivity is immense as is her need for protection, which is why aggressiveness and corporal punishment must be avoided. She will have a logical and intelligent mind, and when she understands the reasons for things, she will obey without questioning. Everything which emphasizes her weaknesses, like a nickname or playing a joke on her, must also be avoided.

Moon in 7th house:

     Sunday Rose will have deep feelings for her friends and she will derive emotional stability from close ties with them. Though she will have very good marriage opportunities, she will be very cautious about entering into matrimony. It is possible that she will mature later than others of her age. Sunday Rose will choose a sensitive mate who can understand her own hidden feelings and offer security and emotional support. This astrological position can make her very well known in society.

Moon Opposition Uranus:

     Sunday Rose will have a remarkable intelligence, but at the same time, will be stubborn, fanatical, anarchic, and emotionally tense. Sunday Rose will be very restless and may tend to overreact to any situation. Her mother will be unconventional and possibly very nervous. If Sunday Rose changes her place of residence often, this could make her feel insecure. In the future, she will be very close to unusual people and may have problems communicating her feelings to others.

Moon Square Mercury:

     Sunday Rose will have a bright intelligence and will tend to think a lot. Her mind will be restless, unstable, and anxious. She will sometimes display irrational behavior, guided by her impulses and emotions. Sunday Rose will need to learn to control her powerful ego, not get angry so easily, and make decisions in a less impulsive way.

Moon Trine Jupiter:

     Sunday Rose will be very popular and everybody will love her because she is so outgoing, spontaneous, and helpful. Even when times of trouble come, Sunday Rose will always smile and make light of her own problems. Sunday Rose will be very honest and will develop a great feeling for and interest in religion. The relationship between Sunday Rose and her mother will be very positive and Sunday Rose will learn to be sincere and generous with others.

Moon Sextile Venus:

     Sunday Rose will be very sociable. People will be attracted by her great charisma and winning personality; she will have many romantic, loving relationships. She will be quiet, optimistic, outgoing, and aesthetic in tastes. The expression of her emotions will be very refined and she will always show a touch of kindness. Sunday Rose will prefer relaxing, non-strenuous activities.

Venus in Cancer:

     Sunday Rose will prefer close relationships and will always be close to her parents. If she does not receive the right amount of love from her parents, some rivalry with her brothers and sisters can take place. The strong bond formed with her mother at birth will probably never be broken. Sunday Rose will have few friends and will be intensely dedicated to them. She will be very noble with her feelings and will always be ready to help those she loves. Domestic and financial security will be very important for her. Her reactions will be very instinctive and emotional; when married, she will be very protective of her family and will be very romantic. Her delicate sensitivity can be hurt very easily, so she will choose to be surrounded by affectionate people. Sunday Rose will be attached to everything which makes her heart happy.

Venus in 5th house:

     Sunday Rose will be very attractive to the opposite sex and may have innumerable romances. She will have charisma and will love children, especially her own. Sunday Rose will be very affectionate, sociable, and sympathetic, but also very idealistic in choosing her intimates, which may leave her vulnerable to disappointment. She can excel in sports and in creative pursuits.

Venus Trine Uranus:

     Sunday Rose will love freedom above all. Her feelings can be unusual and her aesthetic taste very original. Her creativity is remarkable and Sunday Rose can be successful if she becomes involved in artistic activities. Her rebelliousness is understandable and will never be destructive. Her personality will be magnetic, unconventional, and will make her very attractive to the opposite sex. Her romances can be short but very special. Sunday Rose will be always looking for the unusual, the unique, and the original.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

     Sunday Rose will bring all her ideas down to a practical level; Sunday Rose will want to see tangible results. She will be realistic and will have a positive attitude about work and activity. Sunday Rose will need to feel she is accomplishing her goals little by little. Sunday Rose will have a big sense of responsibility and sometimes she can be very hard on herself when she does something wrong. Sunday Rose must learn to be more flexible and tolerant of the weaknesses of herself and others.

Jupiter in 11th house:

     Sunday Rose will be very sociable and she will be attracted to the pleasures of life. Sunday Rose will know many people and will have many friends who will be useful to her. She will like participating in organizations, groups, clubs, or religious affiliations. Probably Sunday Rose will have a big family, and she will love them very much. Her goals will not be difficult to reach, and this can make her a bit lazy.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Sunday Rose could tend to be lonely. Because she is highly sensitive, she could get hurt quite easily and may prefer to escape from problems rather than face them. It is probable that she will work with people confined to hospitals, prisons, asylums, etc. Sunday Rose will have great intuition and will be interested in the subconscious and other mysteries of life. It will be very important for her to avoid escapist attitudes, as these could lead to destructive behaviors in the future.

*** Chapter 3 ***

Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume

responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 5th house:

     At an early age, Sunday Rose will show her competitive spirit and her wish to be the best in everything. She can excel in any sport or physical activity. Sunday Rose will love and admire her father, who will give her the support she needs for her personal success. The sense of authority that Sunday Rose will learn from him is very important. Sunday Rose will be very proud of herself; she will be honest and sincere with people. Sunday Rose will also be very affectionate and as she gets older, her charm and leadership abilities become obvious. Sunday Rose will conquer everybody with her good will, and probably she will have an active romantic life.

Sun Conjunction Venus:

     Sunday Rose will be a charming person and will enjoy an active social life. She will be very persuasive and will always try to make people like her. Her manner of speaking will be soft and warm. Her good disposition will allow her to appreciate all the pleasures of life. Sunday Rose will have a strong feeling for love and romance, and will be always attracted to every kind of beauty. Her deep aesthetic sense will make her excel in artistic activity and also to enjoy natural, harmonious and relaxing places. Sunday Rose will probably have, besides her charming personality, a very nice and attractive body.

Sun Opposition Jupiter:

     Sunday Rose will find too much comfort in her life and will not be willing to put much effort into reaching her goals. This is because of the over-protection she receives, especially from her father. She can also show great optimism and naivete, which could make her believe anything and everything. People can have a big influence on her. Parents must be a bit more strict and must teach her to be more disciplined and to have more dedication to her tasks; otherwise, as an adult Sunday Rose will be very untidy, indulgent, and will easily commit excesses, such as with food or drink.

Saturn in Virgo:

     Sunday Rose will be a hard and careful worker with a moral and conscientious attitude. She will be very efficient, secure, and discerning about her tasks. She will show a lot of attention to detail and will always be looking for perfection in everything she does. Sunday Rose will have to cultivate her sense of humor and learn to avoid the tendency she has to worry about everything. Whenever she feels useful, her self- esteem will increase. Her practical and realistic attitude can lack idealism and imagination. From an early age, Sunday Rose will develop a critical attitude toward herself and others. She can condemn herself for any mistake she makes, which can inhibit her initiative in the future. Sunday Rose must learn how to be more relaxed, how to accept her mistakes, and start growing from them.

Saturn in 6th house:

     Most likely Sunday Rose will always be worried about her duties, as she will be very efficient, careful, and reliable. Everything will be done in a serious manner, and sometimes she may think no one could do anything without her; she will put all of her energy into her work. Because she is so responsible, Sunday Rose will not have fun or play as much as other children. As an adult, she will be very demanding, and it will not be easy for her to find a job that fills all her expectations. Sunday Rose will have regular disagreements with bosses and coworkers. However, she will have a great reputation because of her willingness and capacity for hard work.

Saturn Trine Pluto:

     Sunday Rose will have strong will power which will allow her to overcome all the frustrations and limitations of her life. She will have vast energy and the power to concentrate and channel it in an organized way. Sunday Rose will not be afraid of challenge and will develop extraordinary self-confidence. She will show a strong sense of responsibility and will usually be tolerant with others, because it will be easy for her to control her emotions.

Mars in Virgo:

     Sunday Rose will be a cold, scientific, and logical person. She will love to work and will show great enthusiasm when she feels she is contributing to a good cause. Her analytical mind will make her a critic and a perfectionist. Sunday Rose will always want everything done the right way, and will strive for perfection; that is why she will be inclined to lose her temper quite easily with slow or inefficient people. As Sunday Rose matures she will show a great sense of responsibility and will learn to perform all tasks very quickly. She may have conflicts about showing aggressiveness and, in order to avoid it, she will direct all her energies into her work. She could keep anger inside, resulting in a negative attitude and possibly leading to an explosive outburst. She is very afraid of losing her self control. In the future, she will try to repress her passion and she will seem distant and restrained. It will be very important for her to learn how to use her aggressiveness in a positive way, perhaps as a defensive measure to protect her place in life.

Mars in 6th house

     Sunday Rose will be a hard worker, physically and mentally, but if she overworks, she could be susceptible to illness. Sunday Rose will be very exacting about her work, getting  things well done and on time; this could cause problems with her bosses and with coworkers also. Sunday Rose will have great vitality and energy, which makes it very beneficial for her to do physical activity to keep her balance. It is also very important for Sunday Rose to have several ways of expressing her aggressiveness; otherwise, she will be inclined to suffer high fever, headaches, falls, bruises, and burns.

Mars Conjunction Saturn:

     Sunday Rose can have a conflict between her actions and her inhibitions. Though Sunday Rose will have a good ability to organize, it will not be easy for her to control the flow of her dynamic energy. Sunday Rose must learn to act and to make her aspirations reality, instead of thinking about them without ever making up her mind to do something. Sunday Rose will look for approval before doing anything, and if her inhibitions are strong enough, Sunday Rose could become bitter in the future.

Mars Trine Pluto:

     Sunday Rose will have abundant physical energy and will handle it in a positive and constructive way. She will be dedicated to helping other people, which will make her very popular and possibly a leader. Sunday Rose will be competent and confident in several areas and could excel in fields like medicine, sports, and engineering. She will love to uncover mysteries and to investigate phenomena which have not yet been explained by science.

Pluto in 10th house:

     Sunday Rose will have a great capacity to excel as a leader among her friends. In order to achieve success, she will have to learn how to be more patient and flexible. It will also be important for her to learn to obey the rules; otherwise, she will get into trouble. It is likely that her professional life will be dedicated to producing changes and transformations in her environment or to healing others through the fields of medicine or psychiatry. Sunday Rose will attain a position of authority in her job, whatever her profession; people will either love her or hate her, but she will never be unnoticed.

*** Chapter 4 ***

Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for


Mercury in Gemini:

     Sunday Rose's mind will be active and restless.  She will always be looking for change. Her imagination and intellect must be stimulated in order to fully develop her intelligence. Her versatile mind will make her interested in different things at the same time; most likely she will be doing two or three things simultaneously, but she will run the risk of not having good results. Sunday Rose must learn discipline and perseverance. She can excel in her studies without much effort, thanks to her quick and logical mind. It is probable that Sunday Rose gets bored with almost everything, so she will always be looking for new things. Her communication will be skillful and without inhibition. She will have a great need to express her ideas and also to know those of others; that is why she will be talkative and always asking questions. Sunday Rose will show an ability to learn languages, and will also have a good sense of humor. Her sharp mind will make her a master of mimicry. She will always find the funny side of everything. Sunday Rose may also show an ability for writing, which would make her suited for professions connected with communication, journalism, traveling, photography, languages, and sales.

Mercury in 4th house:

     Sunday Rose will be interested in learning history and searching out her ancestors and roots, using both her family and society as sources of information. She will enjoy collecting things like stamps, coins, or books. Her mental restlessness is a result of trying to understand her own emotions and feelings. Also, she could show interest in earthy subjects like geology, archaeology, agriculture, etc. Her ideas will be strongly influenced by her family. Whatever she learns as a child will stay with her all her life. Most likely Sunday Rose will change her residence many times and will also have a busy home life.

Mercury Opposition Pluto:

     Sunday Rose will be very incisive and very aggressive with her opinions. She will tend to be a fanatic and will want to impose her ideas on everybody, sometimes in a subtle way, but other times in an imperative way. She will be attracted by what is hidden and mysterious, but as a child, she should avoid these subjects, so that she does not become obsessed or fixed on them in a detrimental way. Sunday Rose should learn to control her impatience and impulsiveness, to think before talking, and to be respectful of the weaknesses of others.

Mercury Square Uranus:

     Sunday Rose will have an alert and active mind. Her ideas and thoughts will be atypical, eccentric, and uniquely her own. She will rebel against limitations to her freedom and anything she considers to be an imposition. Sunday Rose will be restless, nervous, arrogant, and very particular about her likings and choices. Her opinions will be shocking and unprejudiced, and she will not care what others think of them. Most likely, she will not concentrate on one subject for very long. Her restless mind keeps her changing and moving constantly, with the risk of leaving things unfinished. She will enjoy challenging others' ideas and will be very bright and sharp. Sunday Rose must learn to be more relaxed in order to avoid nervous exhaustion.

Mercury Trine Neptune:

     Sunday Rose will have a great imagination and inspiration; she will be awed in the presence of beauty and will show artistic talents, especially with music and painting. Sunday Rose will be a very idealistic person; she will be always dreaming of a better world and will be remarkably sensitive to others' emotions. Nevertheless, her feet will be on the ground. Sunday Rose will not have much mental discipline, which will make it difficult for her to study logical sciences such as mathematics. She will excel in subjects in which she can use her creativity and imagination.

Taurus on 3rd house cusp:

     Sunday Rose's mind will mainly be practical and realistic. Most likely her reasoning will be slower than other children, but her conclusions will be concrete and with great value. Sunday Rose will be very good at taking things from her world of fantasies and putting them into reality. Her ideas will be fixed and without any possibility of change. The more you try to change her ideas, the more she will cling to them. The best way to open her up to new ideas is to work through her intense emotional world. She could understand and even change her personal opinions if she can be reached on an emotional level. Sunday Rose will be a hard and persevering worker, especially with her own ideas and projects. Though she will worry about material things and how to earn money, her mind will lead her to investigate hidden and mysterious things.

*** Chapter 5 ***

Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and

social recognition.

Sagittarius-Capricorn MC

     Sunday Rose's destiny is associated with the earth, the country, the trees, and the plants. Beyond her idealistic love of the earth, Sunday Rose will have a desire to possess it and cultivate it. If she does not have her own land, she will surely be working at an occupation related to agriculture. She could suffer a lot working in an office or any place but the outdoors. She will prefer a humble job with the advantage of being outside and free. Sunday Rose will show an ability to work with wood and clay. The conventions of society may lead her into administrative or clerical jobs, for which she is unsuited and which will make her feel frustrated. She will have to experience some disappointing job situations in order to define her ambitions and preferences more clearly. Success will come with maturity; thus, her youth will be a time of constant search, but will be very rich in experience.

     Her career choice may be one of these professions or a combination of some of them: agricultural engineer, geologist, craftsperson, animal breeder, furniture designer, veterinarian, carpenter, etc., or any other activity which could put her in touch with nature.

     Sunday Rose's parents could be very different from one another.
 Sunday Rose will seek harmony for her future; her idealism will inspire her to seek quiet activities or a secluded environment. Sagittarius and Capricorn individuals will have a strong influence on her destiny.

*** Chapter 6 ***

Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for

diet and nutrition.

Sun in Cancer:

     Cancer rules the stomach, the diaphragm, the thorax, the pancreas, and the gall bladder. Sunday Rose will have to control her diet, especially the quantity, as she will enjoy eating everything and in large amounts. She will be inclined to suffer health problems with psychosomatic origins. Sometimes doctors will be confused by Sunday Rose's symptoms; this is when her emotional condition should be taken into consideration. Her fears, anxieties, insecurities, repressions, and any problems at home will be the main causes of her illnesses, most commonly digestive problems, ulcers, gastritis, etc.

     In order to be healthy, Sunday Rose will have to consider the following advice: she will have to have a varied diet, avoiding fried or very oily foods; she will have to avoid eating in excess; she will have to avoid arguments and tensions while eating; she will have to calm her inner anxiety through communication; she will have to practice aerobics, swimming, bicycling, or any other rhythmic activity; she will have to sweat or take steam baths (sauna) in order to clean her pores and eliminate toxins; she will have to listen to soft and relaxing music while eating; she will have to eat green and leafy vegetables with plenty of enzymes which will aid her digestion; she will have to avoid liquids during meals; she will have to practice breathing and relaxation exercises; she will have to be in touch with nature, especially with water.

Saturn in Virgo:

     This astrological position could bring intestinal obstruction, constipation, colitis, diarrhea, poor peristaltic movement, and/or a slow action of the enzymes in the liver. Sunday Rose will have to aid the gastro-intestinal process, eating food rich in fibers.

Leo on 6th house cusp:

     The short term problems related to Sunday Rose's health could originate from low vitality, a lack of oxygenation of the blood, a lack of Vitamins A and D, and magnesium. This could bring problems with the circulatory system, a lack of irrigation to the arms and legs, heart problems, palpitations, chest angina, fever, etc. Generally, all the problems with her health will be closely associated with her emotional world.

     In order to prevent these problems, Sunday Rose should include these elements in her diet: alfalfa, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, celery, lettuce, green and red peppers, spinach, watercress, sweet potato, tomato, fresh or dry peach, cherry, apple, lemon, orange, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, fresh cheese, and yogurt.

     The long term problems related to Sunday Rose's health could originate from exhaustion of the nervous system, which could result in stress, spasms, and general irregularities of the body due to tension. Also, Sunday Rose could have ankle swelling, varicose veins, and pains in the legs.

     In order to prevent these problems, she should follow the diet mentioned above, plus all foods high in the B Vitamins, like: chick peas, lentils, legumes in general, whole grains, walnuts and seeds, coconut, grapes, lemon, pineapple, wheat germ, bee pollen, egg yolk, etc. It will also be important for her to wear comfortable shoes with low heels and to walk barefooted sometimes.

Mars in 6th house:

     Sunday Rose could have problems with infections, inflammations, hemorrhages, burns, fractures, bruises, and muscular pains. She should learn to restrain any kind of precipitate or violent reaction, as these may be the underlying cause of her physical diseases. Also, she should find a positive way to express her aggressiveness, directing her great energy into a constructive outlet.

Saturn in 6th house:

     Sunday Rose could have problems related to her bone structure, skin, or hair. This astrological position could bring chronic illness, due to harsh treatment of the body. She should avoid salt and seasoning; she should moderate the consumption of milk products, and as an adult, she should replace the milk with soy milk; she should have a program consisting of a good diet and regular exercise. The problems mentioned above could be more serious, if Sunday Rose shows inflexibility and structured behaviors.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Sunday Rose could have health problems that are difficult to diagnose, which could lead to inadequate treatments or incorrect medications, causing a toxic condition. She should avoid all strong medication and turn to natural cures in order to prevent any kind of poisoning. Also, she will have to avoid alcohol, nicotine and tranquilizers. Generally, Sunday Rose's problems will originate in her emotional world, appearing during times of emotional or family crisis.

*** Chapter 7 ***

Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to

your child's age group.

Uranus in Pisces:

     Sunday Rose's generation is creative and artistically inspired.  They will promote and contribute to music, theater, literature, and philosophy. They will create new styles, which will be expressed in very refined ways and will last through time. They will also be interested in mystical matters as well as non-Western philosophies. Sunday Rose will have good intentions in her heart; she will be intuitive, idealistic, and very imaginative. However, her great sensitivity could make her restless and quick to react to everything. Most likely, Sunday Rose will have an escapist attitude about dealing with problems and will be very uncomfortable with any display of aggression.

Neptune in Aquarius:

     Sunday Rose's generation will be progressive and broad-minded about accepting new philosophical and religious ideas. They will have great intuition and inspiration to create new things in many areas. Scientific advances will be remarkable during this period and the inventions of machines and new elements to improve everyday life will be surprising in their originality. As a part of her generation, Sunday Rose will have a detached emotional attitude, an ability to understand abstraction, and a great creativity which will be applied in practical and brilliant ways. She will be concerned with humanitarian issues and will be living in a period when social reforms will lead to the beginning of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

     Sunday Rose's generation will be very enthusiastic and will pursue their interests with great feeling; they will be inclined toward the fields of philosophy and religion. They will be fascinated by traveling and exploring uncommon and unknown places. They will be very interested in expanding their horizons and knowledge; they will seek interchange with nations of different cultures and languages. As a part of this group, Sunday Rose will have a great desire for the personal freedom to move the way she wants. She will be outgoing, positive, and always ready to work. Sunday Rose will be interested in many things, but she will be most inclined toward spiritual and humanitarian areas.




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