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Child Astrological Report for

Charlotte Grace Prinze

September 19, 2009

12:00 PM

Los Angeles, California


Astral Child




 This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for  Charlotte Grace's parents, with a special commitment: to help with  Charlotte Grace's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen her assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that  Charlotte Grace could face in her life.

     Chapter 1 describes  Charlotte Grace the way she really is (position of the Sun), and the way her personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to her mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way  Charlotte Grace sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics she takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual's perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of  Charlotte Grace's temperament, focusing her mind, her attitude toward education, and her intellectual capacity.

     Chapter 5 describes  Charlotte Grace's destiny, her vocation, her profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of  Charlotte Grace's vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

     Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of  Charlotte Grace's health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that  Charlotte Grace is going to suffer from them, one by one.  It does mean that those are her weak points and she is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for  Charlotte Grace to have better nutrition are mentioned. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN REGARDING ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE!!! FOLLOW YOUR PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE AND ANY MEDICATION OR THERAPY THAT HE/SHE RECOMMENDS!!! ASTROLOGY SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

     Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

     It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that  Charlotte Grace may have both positive and negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

*** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun     26 Vir 58               Neptune  24 Aqu 14
Moon    10 Lib 25               Pluto     0 Cap 41
Mercury 28 Vir 15               Asc.      2 Sag 49
Venus   29 Leo 04               MC       14 Vir 20
Mars    15 Can 20               2nd cusp  3 Cap 54
Jupiter 18 Aqu 03               3rd cusp  8 Aqu 54
Saturn  25 Vir 15               5th cusp 15 Ari 25
Uranus  24 Pis 33               6th cusp 10 Tau 59

Tropical  Placidus   Summer Saving Time observed
GMT: 19:00:00   Time Zone: 8 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  6 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  6 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

*** Chapter 1 ***

General description of the child: essential nature and

personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Virgo:

     The child of Virgo is quiet, peaceful and shy.  Charlotte Grace is very delicate and will be selective about food very early. Once her parents know what she likes, she is easy to please, does not demand too much work, and does what she is asked to. As she grows she starts to show her intelligence and her capacity for details. She has fun discovering things other people usually do not see. She is tidy and neat with her toys. She is very shy with strangers at home; she does not speak, she hides in different places, or she just stands motionless. As she starts to feel comfortable, she releases pressure. She has a complex personality and is so sensitive, she gets hurt very easily. Any challenge, criticism or mockery generates a complex almost immediately. Often she feels insecure or inferior. Her parents must help her develop her self-esteem from the start, by demonstrating their love and support repeatedly. One word of praise is not enough, because she may not take it seriously. She is a good friend of her mother and she is always helping with the housework. You do not need to ask her twice to do something.

     At school  Charlotte Grace can become one of the best pupils for the teacher because of her dedication and discipline. She sometimes even corrects her teacher. She is a perfectionist. The Virgo child is not satisfied with things in writing, but requires physical proof. She has a very inquisitive mind. It is good for her to have many educational games at hand to stimulate her mental capacity. Education plays an important role in this child's life, because the more she learns, the more confidence she will have in herself. The child of Virgo who does not receive a very good education can have many problems as an adult, such as being unhappy, shy or introverted, or having feelings of inferiority. She will have very precise habits, and will have a place for everything. She will complain about her brothers and sisters when they want to destroy her tidy world. She may criticize all the members of the family and even imitate them in a funny way.

     Her emotional world is very complex and much of the time she will not let anybody know what is going on inside of her. In adolescence, she becomes more sensitive, so her parents should not make fun of her first steps in love. This could cause deep wounds which could affect her future where love is concerned. You can bring out the best in her by using delicacy, gentleness and a logical way of speaking. She yields in the face of aggressiveness and she becomes paralyzed instead of exploding. A good way to improve her future emotional life is to teach her how to show her feelings freely. It is also very important to talk naturally about sex, to make her feel more secure. You do not have to be afraid of spoiling this child or of creating illusions in her. She is very realistic, clever, and all the fantasies she develops in childhood will contribute to her emotional balance in the future.

Sagittarius Rising Sign:

      Charlotte Grace has a big smile and her whole body expresses the happiness she feels. Her face tends to be round and her body strong and solid. The main characteristics will be her joy and her love for adventure. This will not disappear as she matures, and that is why she will be childlike forever. As  Charlotte Grace grows, her curiosity will increase and she will ask about everything she sees. She will also be sincere and frank with her opinions. Sometimes  Charlotte Grace can be a bit naive and easily influenced; she may depend on her friends to accomplish her initiatives. She can show a very deep spiritual inclination from early years, and this may develop into a strong philosophical mind. She will be an idealistic person, who loves justice and who enjoys sharing and helping people, but she is easily deluded and people may sometimes disappoint her, though this will not change her.  Charlotte Grace has a deep love of freedom and needs her own space to move, play, explore and even to snoop. She will enjoy life out under the sun, traveling on vacations to different places and will have an ability to communicate easily with others, and also to learn different languages. In spite of her great energy and vitality,  Charlotte Grace can feel lazy and bored sometimes and this can radically alter her outgoing character. No matter where her Sun is, (as shown above), this Ascendant will make her a happy person, with a great sense of fun and a great love of life.

     Her childhood is ruled by Jupiter, and this planet promises a happy childhood. Usually, this child receives the things she needs to feel secure, though she can be overprotected and spoiled. Parents must teach her good eating habits and the importance of saving money, because she can be a bit of a spendthrift and very unorganized if she is under the impression that she will be provided for; as an adult she will feel the consequences of these misconceptions. If  Charlotte Grace does not learn how to be self-controlled and careful, she will be irresponsible and will always be looking for help and protection from her parents. She can have a similar attitude regarding matters of the heart. Her strong penchant for adventure and conquest will drive her to have countless relationships.  Charlotte Grace's worst enemy will be boredom, and because she can get tired of routine, she could get tired of marriage, if it were monotonous. Due to her ingenuousness and spontaneity, she can have many stories to tell; funny experiences happen to her because she has a tendency to do things at the wrong time in the wrong place. There is no doubt that  Charlotte Grace will be a child who will give great happiness to the family.

Pluto in 1st house:

     She will be an intense girl and likely to go for extreme situations.  Charlotte Grace will live life to the fullest. Her vital and energetic attitude will make her a leader. However, she may have hidden motivations and use subtle mechanisms to impose her authority. It is very important for this girl to develop a positive conscience about the power she has, and to avoid a selfish attitude toward others.  Charlotte Grace must learn to consider everybody's needs. Her life will be neither serene nor stable. The great energy of this planet impels her to experience deep changes and many transformations; though these changes will be slow and gradual, they will represent important growth periods of her life. Her physical body will be strong and very resistant to any kind of illness. The negative aspect of this astrological influence is that  Charlotte Grace will not be patient with others. She can tend to destroy everything in her path. The positive aspect is that  Charlotte Grace will be invincible, and when problems and crises seem to overcome her, she will rise up again and again, until she gets what she wants.

*** Chapter 2 ***

Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love

and share.

Moon in Libra:

      Charlotte Grace will be a very warm, kind, and friendly person. She will always be seeking an ideal emotional balance and will prefer quiet places, furnished with soft colors and filled with her friends.  Charlotte Grace will always have a sociable attitude and her personal charm will make her successful with people. She can develop a great aesthetic awareness and will also have artistic ability. Her considerate attitude can give her problems in making up her mind, because she never wants to hurt anybody's feelings.

     She will learn from her mother to express herself amiably and delicately, to have refined manners, and to cultivate good taste. Her mother should teach her to say NO to some persons or situations, and to make up her mind with more confidence.  Charlotte Grace will be a quiet person and will love peace. She will have grand ideals about life and people, which is why she may experience some disillusionment, although this will not change her basic attitudes. Her emotional balance gives her a deep sense of justice; she will always defend the helpless. This girl will be inclined to be moody, because she is influenced by the vibrations of the people around her.  Soft music helps her to attain inner balance.  Charlotte Grace will also be attracted to ships and everything which is related to the ocean.

Moon in 10th house:

      Charlotte Grace's mother will have a deep influence on her destiny, especially on her ideas, priorities, and on the choice of her future career.  Charlotte Grace will learn to be sensitive to the feelings of others and will be successful in any profession dealing with people, especially women. Reputation will play an important role in her life.  Her ambitions can often dominate her feelings. This astrological position will bring fame and social recognition, and her private life may become public.

Moon Square Mars:

      Charlotte Grace will get angry very easily and will express herself very forcefully. She may argue everyday with family members with whom she has differences. If there is no harmony at home, her mood will be affected.  Many times  Charlotte Grace will react quickly and impulsively, without thinking. She can be very temperamental, and she must learn how to control this tendency and improve herself.

Venus in Leo:

      Charlotte Grace will be ardent and romantic. Her manner of expression will be exaggerated and a bit theatrical.  Charlotte Grace will love life itself, and people too, though she will be very selective and will always prefer outstanding people. She will have a very deep self love and may be vain.  Charlotte Grace will prefer everything to be refined and in good taste. Her clothes and physical appearance will be very important to her. She will love a great social life: going to parties, meetings and other events which give her a chance to show off. As an adult  Charlotte Grace will have many romances, but once she is in love she will be loyal to her feelings.

Venus in 9th house:

      Charlotte Grace will have an intense desire for knowledge and will look for activities which could expand her emotional world. She will be philosophical, religious, and will love to travel.  Charlotte Grace will probably fall in love abroad or may marry a person from another country. She will have strong intuition and will be a cultured person.  Charlotte Grace will love to study and expand her general skills, and as a result of this,  Charlotte Grace will have an urbane, cultivated manner.

Venus Opposition Neptune:

     Most likely,  Charlotte Grace will always be trying to escape from reality. One of her parents may exhibit submissive or evasive behavior, and  Charlotte Grace will learn from him/her to shelter herself in a fantasy world. Her idealism will be great and disappointment may occur in her relationships with friends or lovers. In her emotional insecurity,  Charlotte Grace can easily play the role of a victim. She must learn to act with courage, facing problems and avoiding escapism, which will only make things worse. If she feels hurt, she may sleep a lot or try to get away from people, instead of showing her pain. In the future,  Charlotte Grace will look for an idealistic love that will be almost impossible for her to find.

Venus Trine Pluto:

      Charlotte Grace will have a great ability to command, and can be a good teacher, preacher, or politician. At an early age she will begin showing strong and clear opinions.  Charlotte Grace will be honest, intuitive, and dedicated to achieving her goals, showing a special passion for accomplishing the things she likes the best. Her charm and charisma will enable her to convince and dominate others. In the future  Charlotte Grace will have intense and impetuous romances with elements of quarrels and jealousy, but parents must not be afraid of this, because it will strengthen her feelings.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

      Charlotte Grace will have a big imagination and be very creative. She will not be selfish and will always be concerned about her friends and her group. Her style will be very distinctive and will go against traditions and regulations in general; this can make her be rather intolerant and revolutionary.  Charlotte Grace will be very idealistic and as an adult will be interested in social and humanitarian activities. She will not believe in racial or religious discrimination.

Jupiter in 3rd house:

      Charlotte Grace's success will come through education and communication. She will be very smart and her positive disposition will bring her luck in whatever she starts.  Charlotte Grace will have a good relationship with her relatives, especially with her brothers and sisters. Due to her restless mind  Charlotte Grace will need to live life at her own pace in her own way.  Charlotte Grace can sometimes be very talkative and waste her energy through this activity. It is important to show her how to be more careful about her projects, because she can also be imprudent and inclined to exaggerate.

Jupiter Conjunction Neptune:

      Charlotte Grace will have a big imagination and it will be expressed in many creative fields. She must learn not to over indulge, but rather to take advantage of her musical, artistic, and visionary inspiration.  Charlotte Grace will be sympathetic and idealistic and will show an interest in religion and in mysticism.  She can live in a world of fantasies and never face her everyday problems.

Neptune in 3rd house:

      Charlotte Grace will be intuitive and imaginative. She will have to learn to be more focused on her activities, especially on her studies, as she will tend to daydream. Art and literature will be good outlets for her inspiration. Generally, she will feel a lack of understanding from brothers, sisters, and relatives, partly due to her great sensitivity and partly because of her way of living.

*** Chapter 3 ***

Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume

responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 10th house:

      Charlotte Grace will be very ambitious; she will aspire to a high position in life and she will control her own destiny.  Charlotte Grace was born not to follow others, but to direct her own steps, and will show difficulty and rebelliousness in following any kind of authority. The relationship with her father is very important for her, and in a way, will determine her future ambitions. Her father will be well known in social life, but this does not mean that  Charlotte Grace will follow in her father's footsteps.  From him  Charlotte Grace will learn to fight for her own goals, to act with decision and self-confidence, and to be loyal to her own principles. This astrological position will bring material success, social recognition, and a higher status in  Charlotte Grace's life. Her great energy and pride will make her an invincible person.

Sun Conjunction Mercury:

      Charlotte Grace will have a powerful and very questioning mind, though many times she will not act on reason, but on impulse. She will be ambitious and very creative. Sometimes,  Charlotte Grace will be thoughtful and introspective and will analyze everything. She can be very selfish, inflexible, and stubborn, especially if she gets angry. Usually  Charlotte Grace will be attached to her ideas, and most of the time she will not be very impartial.

Sun Conjunction Saturn:

     This astrological influence can bring either a need for greater contact with the father or a very strict father. In either case,  Charlotte Grace will need the recognition of her father in order to become mature, fulfilled, and responsible.  Charlotte Grace will be a hard worker and will put all her energies into her professional development.  Charlotte Grace can be a cold, materialistic, and calculating person who worries too much about worldly success. Her principles and ideas will be very mature for her age, and as an adult she can be dogmatic, rigid, and authoritative.  Charlotte Grace must learn to be more flexible and her father must show her the value of the emotional world.

Sun Opposition Uranus:

      Charlotte Grace will be anarchical, liberal, and independent and always in opposition to authority. She can be very untidy and thus waste the great potential of her energies. She will attack whatever stands in her way, as she needs to be free.  Charlotte Grace will be impulsive, eccentric, and will follow her own rules. She will also be original but impractical.  Charlotte Grace will always be nervous and will be inclined to dissipate her energy. She must learn to be more cautious, and, because she is inclined to have accidents, to be in less of a hurry. As she is very particular and unique,  Charlotte Grace will be a very difficult child to raise.

Sun Square Pluto:

      Charlotte Grace will have great will-power, and will be rebellious and arrogant. She will often prevail over others using aggression, and will feel pleasure in dominating every situation. She will show great courage and strength, physical as well as mental.  Charlotte Grace must learn to control her temper, to be more patient, and to respect others' weaknesses.  Charlotte Grace may have strong arguments with her father, trying to undermine his authority and take his place.  Charlotte Grace will admire strong people and will feel justified in her disapproval of weak-willed or unambitious people. Though she will express every emotion, her inner world will be so deep that few people will really know her completely.  Charlotte Grace will always seek challenges and risky situations in order to prove her own strength.

Saturn in Virgo:

      Charlotte Grace will be a hard and careful worker with a moral and conscientious attitude. She will be very efficient, secure, and discerning about her tasks. She will show a lot of attention to detail and will always be looking for perfection in everything she does.  Charlotte Grace will have to cultivate her sense of humor and learn to avoid the tendency she has to worry about everything. Whenever she feels useful, her self- esteem will increase. Her practical and realistic attitude can lack idealism and imagination. From an early age,  Charlotte Grace will develop a critical attitude toward herself and others. She can condemn herself for any mistake she makes, which can inhibit her initiative in the future.  Charlotte Grace must learn how to be more relaxed, how to accept her mistakes, and start growing from them.

Saturn in 10th house:

      Charlotte Grace's father will be very important in her life and have a great impact on her destiny; he will sometimes give  Charlotte Grace good support and guidance, and many other times will inhibit and frustrate  Charlotte Grace's initiatives. For this reason, it will not be a good idea for  Charlotte Grace to work with her father.  Charlotte Grace will like having responsibilities; she will have many ambitions and a great ability for business. Also,  Charlotte Grace will be well-organized and will persist in achieving her goals. If the relationship with her father is positive,  Charlotte Grace will show the capacity and authority to handle and to lead people; otherwise,  Charlotte Grace could tend to undervalue her own efforts, to feel insecure with her choices, and to fail to accomplish her professional goals.

Saturn Opposition Uranus:

      Charlotte Grace can have so much tension inside of her that it comes out in unpredictable and abrupt ways. If  Charlotte Grace were to have any confrontations with her father, she could become rebellious about duties and limitations in her own life. As a consequence,  Charlotte Grace could have problems in the future with people in authority: teachers, bosses, policemen, etc. She may act aggressively towards others to hide feelings of insecurity.  Charlotte Grace must learn how to relax, how to compromise, and how to persevere in working toward her goals.

Saturn Square Pluto:

      Charlotte Grace can seem to be domineering and very aggressive, but this will just be her way of hiding her own insecurities.  Charlotte Grace will resist strongly any change in her life. She will show great strength, but also inflexibility and willfulness at the same time.  Charlotte Grace must learn to be more considerate of others; she must try to avoid dominating everybody at every moment; and she should show her feelings more freely without the fear of seeming weak.

Mars in Cancer:

      Charlotte Grace's actions and reactions will always be dependent on her moods. Whenever she feels positive and happy, she will act with confidence. But when she feels down and depressed, she will become irritable and impatient. Most likely  Charlotte Grace will not show anger and when she gets hurt by someone, she could keep it to herself and then become spiteful. Sometimes her mother is very domineering so fights with her may arise. In spite of any disharmony,  Charlotte Grace will be very loyal to her family. In emergency situations, she will show calmness and strength.  Charlotte Grace must learn to be more tolerant of criticism and to handle her energies with discipline and continuity.

Mars in 8th house

      Charlotte Grace will be very intrepid, brave, and determined. She will experience every situation intensely and deeply.  Charlotte Grace will be attracted to risky situations, mystery, and danger, and her great courage will make her fearless. It is very important for  Charlotte Grace to take care of herself by moderating her habits; otherwise, she could be exposed to risks or accidents all her life. Her sexual life will be very important, so she must receive a good education in this matter in order to dispense with taboos and preconceptions. She could also be interested in occult sciences and mysteries in general.  she would make an excellent researcher. If  Charlotte Grace decided to manage other people's money, she could experience some problems or arguments.

Uranus in 4th house:

      Charlotte Grace will have many changes of address and will also have ups- and-downs with her family. Her mother will have a very distinctive personality and will be original and independent with her ideas. Generally, she will have unusual ancestors and will have an irregular childhood, possibly being separated from one of her parents or living in a special or uncommon situation.  Charlotte Grace will not choose a quiet life, so she will often change her residence, job, lover, friends, etc. When mature, she will be interested in astrology and occult sciences.

*** Chapter 4 ***

Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for


Mercury in Virgo:

      Charlotte Grace will have a very analytical and logical mind that will allow her to see all the details of each situation. She will be very intelligent and will have the ability to understand difficult and abstract problems.  Charlotte Grace will look for perfection in everything she does, but if she feels she cannot achieve it, she will quit. She will be a very good student, especially when she feels she is studying a useful and practical subject.  Charlotte Grace will have a very critical vision of the world: she will be very exacting with her job as well as with her personal relationships; she will discover the mistakes and the weaknesses of others. Her communication can be very limited, as she will be very shy. Her logical and impersonal mind will make her impartial and detached.  Charlotte Grace can show a lot of interest in scientific and research jobs in medicine, hygiene, nutrition, mathematics, etc. Also, her great capacity for observation will allow her to capture the characteristic behavior of the people around her, and she will enjoy doing imitations of them. She will be very honest, but she could show some intolerance for less intelligent people and she could be very skeptical.

Mercury in 10th house:

      Charlotte Grace will be very communicative, outgoing, successful, and extroverted. She will change jobs many times and probably she will have more than one job at a time. Her profession will be very important; she will be attracted by politics or any field which puts her in touch with people.  Charlotte Grace will be very good at communicating her own ideas and could excel as an orator. Her always sharp and active mind will give her the ability to organize and handle people. In order to achieve her goals,  Charlotte Grace could become overambitious or even selfish. She will surely excel in any profession she chooses, given her intelligence and wealth of ideas. The influence of her father will be extremely important in the development of his mind.

Mercury Conjunction Saturn:

      Charlotte Grace's mind will be very sober, logical, methodical, careful, and responsible. She will always listen to others, she will not enjoy small talk, and will prefer to work alone. Her decisions will be firm and imbued with authority. She will probably tend to be pessimistic and never satisfied with her achievements; she will get easily depressed.  Charlotte Grace will be very serious and will seem to be older than she really is. She will be very interested in the things adults do and will act slowly and with premeditation.  Charlotte Grace will like traditional and familiar things. She will benefit from more communication with her father.  She will also need to learn to relax and be more free with herself, without worrying about making mistakes.

Mercury Opposition Uranus:

      Charlotte Grace will have an alert and active mind. Her ideas and thoughts will be atypical, eccentric, and uniquely her own. She will rebel against limitations to her freedom and anything she considers to be an imposition.  Charlotte Grace will be restless, nervous, arrogant, and very particular about her likings and choices. Her opinions will be shocking and unprejudiced, and she will not care what others think of them. Most likely, she will not concentrate on one subject for very long. Her restless mind keeps her changing and moving constantly, with the risk of leaving things unfinished. She will enjoy challenging others' ideas and will be very bright and sharp.  Charlotte Grace must learn to be more relaxed in order to avoid nervous exhaustion.

Mercury Square Pluto:

      Charlotte Grace will be very incisive and very aggressive with her opinions. She will tend to be a fanatic and will want to impose her ideas on everybody, sometimes in a subtle way, but other times in an imperative way. She will be attracted by what is hidden and mysterious, but as a child, she should avoid these subjects, so that she does not become obsessed or fixed on them in a detrimental way.  Charlotte Grace should learn to control her impatience and impulsiveness, to think before talking, and to be respectful of the weaknesses of others.

Aquarius on 3rd house cusp:

      Charlotte Grace will be very interested in everything that is progressive, different, uncommon, and futuristic. She will be very open and expressive though her ideas could seem extravagant and illogical. Her mind will be original and inventive. Her ideas will be very future-oriented and will always rebel against demands and duties. She will be very inconstant and restless; she could start studies or projects with enthusiasm, but as time goes by, lose interest. She will travel frequently and  Charlotte Grace may even reside in another country.

*** Chapter 5 ***

Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and

social recognition.

Virgo MC

      Charlotte Grace's destiny will lead her to strive for academic or professional excellence and, at the same time, she will seek financial stability.  Charlotte Grace will not seek to be a millionaire or express grand ambitions, but she will try to live comfortably. She will probably experience confusion or indecision about her career choice due to her insecurities and inhibitions. This astrological influence will bring great intelligence and the ability to excel in intellectual fields. Investigation, scientific research, and travel are linked to her destiny.  Charlotte Grace will find some obstacles in her path that will have to be overcome in order to achieve professional success. Things will not be easy at the beginning, and, if she does not develop strength, she could be easily and quickly frustrated. She will need constant support to reach her potential.  Charlotte Grace will be easily influenced by others and may not be constant in the pursuit of her goals, so she must seek out positive friends and learn to be more persevering.

     Her career choice could be one of the following professions: economist, accountant, lawyer, entrepreneur, corporate executive, investigator, essay writer, biochemist, dietitian, etc., or any other profession which will allow her to be of service or to study and apply her intelligence.

     Most likely, her parents could be uncommunicative or very busy. This could keep them from paying attention to  Charlotte Grace and her interests, which will generate insecurities and a lack of ambition in her. She could also feel the need to leave her parents' house quite early in order to pursue her dreams. Life will ask much study and discipline from her in order to reach her goals. Virgo individuals will have a strong influence on her destiny.

*** Chapter 6 ***

Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for

diet and nutrition.

Sun in Virgo:

     Virgo rules the intestinal system, the gall bladder, the colon, and the duodenum.  Charlotte Grace will be very sensitive and very open to suggestion regarding illness and health. It will be better for her not to visit places where sick people are; she should avoid talking about illness. Her predisposition to hypochondria will often make her suffer illness she has created herself.  Charlotte Grace will think she is ill, even when she is more than healthy. The good thing about this is that  Charlotte Grace will pay attention to her health and nutrition, and will follow the diets and treatments prescribed. Her regular problems will be intestinal, like colic, diarrhea, constipation, malnutrition, or parasites.

     In order to be healthy,  Charlotte Grace will have to consider the following advice: she will have to avoid elements which irritate the intestinal system, especially spicy things, alcohol, legumes, and fermented cheese; she will have to avoid fried or oily foods; she will have to practice a quiet sport, like golf, croquet, etc.; she will have to eat calmly and peacefully, chewing slowly and dissolving the food quite well before swallowing it; she will have to have a relaxing hobby; she will have to help her intestinal system by eating plain yogurt with no sugar, liquefying vegetables before eating them, and avoiding meat and especially pork; she will have to walk a lot outdoors and also have a group activity which allows her to be in touch with positive and creative people.

Saturn in Virgo:

     This astrological position could bring intestinal obstruction, constipation, colitis, diarrhea, poor peristaltic movement, and/or a slow action of the enzymes in the liver.  Charlotte Grace will have to aid the gastro-intestinal process, eating food rich in fibers.

Taurus on 6th house cusp:

     The short term problems related to  Charlotte Grace's health could originate from excess sugar and starch and from the lack of Vitamin E, niacin, niacinamide, Vitamin P, copper, and chromium. This could provoke tonsillitis, angina, inflammation of the glands of the throat, loss of the voice, polyp, muscular pains in the neck.

     The best advice, as far as food is concerned, is to avoid sweet things, sodas, ice creams, cakes with whipped cream, and all things containing an excess of sugar.  Charlotte Grace should eat fresh fruits (of the season) and drink natural juices. The vegetables for this case are: watercress, mushrooms, broccoli, alfalfa, peas, soybeans, brown rice, wheat germ, walnuts, seeds in general, bee pollen, etc.

      The long term problems related to  Charlotte Grace's health could originate from the lack of amino acids, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, Vitamins B-12 and F. This could provoke colds, illness in the mucous membrane and the sinuses, hernia, bruises, fracture, gall or kidney stones, muscular debilitation, etc.

      Charlotte Grace could add to her diet: spinach, lentils, beet, broccoli, onion, olives, avocado, and all the vegetables with reddish leaves.

*** Chapter 7 ***

Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to

your child's age group.

Uranus in Pisces:

      Charlotte Grace's generation is creative and artistically inspired.  They will promote and contribute to music, theater, literature, and philosophy. They will create new styles, which will be expressed in very refined ways and will last through time. They will also be interested in mystical matters as well as non-Western philosophies.  Charlotte Grace will have good intentions in her heart; she will be intuitive, idealistic, and very imaginative. However, her great sensitivity could make her restless and quick to react to everything. Most likely,  Charlotte Grace will have an escapist attitude about dealing with problems and will be very uncomfortable with any display of aggression.

Neptune in Aquarius:

      Charlotte Grace's generation will be progressive and broad-minded about accepting new philosophical and religious ideas. They will have great intuition and inspiration to create new things in many areas. Scientific advances will be remarkable during this period and the inventions of machines and new elements to improve everyday life will be surprising in their originality. As a part of her generation,  Charlotte Grace will have a detached emotional attitude, an ability to understand abstraction, and a great creativity which will be applied in practical and brilliant ways. She will be concerned with humanitarian issues and will be living in a period when social reforms will lead to the beginning of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Pluto in Capricorn:

      Charlotte Grace's generation will have a practical and realistic vision of life. They will work very hard to improve life within society in every aspect; many of them will be real political leaders or economic reformers. They will be eager to assume their responsibilities and they will be always ready for action, though they may neglect their emotional needs as a consequence. As a part of this group,  Charlotte Grace will show great perseverance, ambition, and capacity to organize and manage in an efficient manner. She will be very conservative and materialistic. She should learn how to express her emotions more openly.




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