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Celeb kids astrology reports are what we're known for, but lately we've had a few folks ask if we could expand our site and put up some astrology forecasts and horoscopes for celebrities and people in the news at the moment. So just to start it off we're giving it a shot with FREE psychic readings and a Lifepath report for Kate Middleton, plus Love and Romance forecasts for Pippa Middleton and Britney Spears

So, should you make the decision about your life partner based on astrology? Well, it sure doesn't hurt to do some dispassionate examination before taking such a big step, but while you might not want to reject someone on the basis of of his/her birth date, a good horoscope can help you out with some clues to their nature that you might not pick up on by yourself. And then, when they do something that completely mystifies you, perhaps a little basic knowledge of astrology will help you decipher what's going on, and help you to connect for better understanding - and that's never a bad thing, no matter what resource you're using for better communication


Kate of course is Catherine Middleton - now known as The Duchess Of Cambridge since she married into the Royal Family.  Pippa is her sister Philippa Middleton - much admired and commented on as she carried out her role as maid of honour in the royal wedding of the year.

With the news of a royal baby expected in July we thought it would be fun to work up a lifepath report for Kate's new baby, boy or girl, when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth in July. So check back here after the royal birth and see what that royal baby could possibly face in the years ahead with Kate and Wills as parents

Well, we promised you the Child Astrological report for Kate and Wills new royal baby boy so here it is, free and packed full of details and information about the life path that the royal baby could be taking in the future with guidance from his royal parents, Kate and Wills

Britney's back in the headlines again with news of her engagement to boyfriend of 2 years Jason Trawick, who chose his 40th birthday celebration on December 15th  to make his move and bid to become husband  number 3 for Britney some time this year ( or not, as it turns out )

Britney's earlier partners were Jason Alexander ( the infamous 55 hour marriage) and dancer Kevin Federline - who lasted the course a bit longer - but eventually split

So, Britney and Jason, what went wrong ? - Check out what's in the stars for them both in this compatibility forecast

With the success of the Femme Fatale Tour that had it's final night in San Juan, Puerto Rico in early  December 2011 - loved by the critics and grossing over $6 million in just  the first 10 shows -  and sales of the latest single soaring - it was  all looking good

And here we were, hoping that the fabulous end to the Femme Fatale tour and another new husband for Britney would've helped give her a great new year ahead. OOPS ! Looks like they should have read our compatibility report

And so that our Latin American friends don't feel left out, here are horóscopos / informes escritos en español  Inma Cuesta, Paulina Rubio and Selena Gomez - with more Latin/Spanish celebs to follow.





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