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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Are They Compatible ??



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Astral Child

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The Cosmo Compatibility Report for

Jason Trawick


Britney Spears

Jason's Sun in Sagittarius and Britney's Sun in Sagittarius:

     There is great camaraderie between you. A love of travelling and a restless wanderlust are traits that you have in common. Both of you are optimists and you love to shoot for the stars. Minor details annoy you and pettiness is abhorrent to you. You have a youthful enthusiasm, and have a spirited, progressive outlook on life. With so much in common, you are able to have a wonderful time together. Neither one of you takes life too seriously, so you can count on having a lively relationship with lots of variety, new adventure, and play. Both of you are often blunt and lacking in subtlety and often oblivious or indifferent to others' personal feelings, but fortunately neither of you is insulted very easily. Overall, you are very well-matched in terms of temperaments and interests. You will be good pals.

Jason's Moon in Cancer and Britney's Moon in Aquarius:

     Both of you have a strong concern for people, but while Jason is very personal and responds mostly to family or to people in the immediate environment, Britney has broader concerns, more universal sympathies, and an interest in human welfare in general. Britney often puts friends, social concerns or causes, or involvement in the world at large ahead of family loyalties, while Jason isn't inclined that way at all.

     The two of you are quite different in other respects also. Jason is sentimental and emotionally attached to the past, to familiar places and people, and to the safety, security, and comfort of the known. Britney, on the other hand, craves newness and excitement, and is rebellious or at least indifferent to convention and the traditions of the past. Britney is not averse to making radical changes in residence or lifestyle, while Jason holds tightly to things as they are.

     Another difference between you is that Jason is very emotional and subjective, while Britney is clear and objective, and frequently out of touch with emotions. Positively, Jason can help Britney get in touch with deep feelings, sensitivities, and emotional needs that Britney has buried, and Britney can help Jason get some more clarity and perspective on Jason's sometimes confusing or overwhelming feelings and moods.

Jason's Sun Conjunct Britney's Sun:

     You strongly identify with each other and are very much alike in important ways. It is easy for you to be together because you do not have to explain yourselves to one another. An innate appreciation and understanding of one another's essence exists between you, and this is vitalizing and ego-affirming for both of you. However, you share the same flaws and weaknesses as well as the positive qualities, and you may find it difficult to be with someone who so clearly exhibits the very things you like least about yourself. The more you accept yourself, the more beneficial and delightful your relationship with one another is.

Jason's Sun Sextile Britney's Moon:

     You two are the best of friends! You understand and appreciate each other, and are able to work together very harmoniously. No relationship is free of difficulty and stress, and this astrological influence does not nullify other stressful influences described elsewhere in this report, but it does add a harmonious quality to your relationship that helps you over the rough spots.

Jason's Mercury Conjunct Britney's Neptune:

     There is a poetic, fanciful quality to your conversations. Britney brings out the poet and dreamer in Jason. Communications on practical matters, however, may suffer and you both need to be wary of exaggerating, hiding, or deceiving each other. When with Britney, Jason is often confused, less clear and less precise than usual.

Britney's Mercury Opposition Jason's Saturn:

     The flow of communication between you is often restricted, and very frustrating, especially for Britney. Criticism and nitpicking can be a real problem for you. Jason wants Britney to be very clear, very precise, and will constantly interrupt Britney if there are inconsistencies in what Britney is saying. Often you simply do not share the same interests or are just not on the same wavelength. Communication of practical, serious affairs is usually good, but any topic involving intuition or speculation is not likely to get very far. Because you communicate well only about certain topics, this relationship can work well if it is a professional association for specific purposes, but beyond these boundaries, communication can be exceeding difficult.



The stars can provide us with a lot of insight about ourselves, including how, when, and with whom we are most likely to fall in love. However, astrology isn't destiny, so while the one you love may not be a classic match for you in astrological terms, that doesn't mean that all is lost, and by understanding the universal forces that attract you to your lover you can learn how to make any relationship work - and in the process you'll come to understand your own self

First, just consider how accurate your own horoscope is - there are similarities in many of them, but do your best, and find the resource that describes You . Then use that same resource to do a little research on your beloved, but remember that you don't have to reject someone just because they're a Water sign and you're a Fire sign. It could though, provide some insight into why you two clash from time to time, or why you sometimes feel that they're a wet blanket in the face of your enthusiasm for things

You could , if you wanted to, really go into detail about the ideal zodiac mate for you, but look, It's tough enough to connect with someone who you like anyway, so don't walk away from that Water or Earth potential partner without you first use your knowledge to try and understand them. Maybe you could use some tips from Air or Earth to help manage the communications or resolve conflicts between the pair of you

There are loads of really good books and websites that can help you figure out all the details of your zodiac match, so do a little research - and make it fun. " What's your sign?" can be a classic cliché at a first meeting - but deliver the line in the right way and it can still be a good ice breaker. If you're a Virgo woman and get introduced to a Libra guy, tell him that he's got his work cut out if he wants to get to know you better. Everyone loves a challenge, and this is an easy way to flirt and start to get to know someone


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