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Tips On How To Get The Best Online Psychic Reading


So, you've decided to get a psychic reading online and may be a little worried that it's going to be a bit impersonal and very different from having a face-to-face pyschic reading with a live person in their office or home. But don't worry, there's really no difference - it just seems strange at first if you have only had previous experience with in-person readings (or no experience at all), and don't forget that most sites now have their resident psychics live on screen so you will get the face-to-face experience during your online psychic reading

To get the best from your online psychic reading try the following simple tips before contacting your chosen psychic and you'll benefit from the reading:

- Take a few deep calming breaths - breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth as you focus your sight or mind on something peaceful and calming such as the birds outside your window - or close your eyes and visualize a calm lake or fields of gently waving grass

- Just sit quietly back as your computer comes up to speed and loads your chosen website, shut every thing else out of your mind, relax and trust in the process that you're about to use

- Many sites have several psychics on call and more than one type of reading available, take your time, don't get rushed, make your choice and then focus on the question you wish answered

- Once that you do make your choice - stay with it and concentrate only on the question you intend to ask

- If you focus your thoughts and energy intensely on your one burning question, the universe will pick up on it and your online psychic reading will be a success

- Many sites will offer free computer generated psychic readings, and while this doesn't give you the same experience as a psychic online, you should be able to see from the answers to your questions if the process in general is one that will benefit you in the future

- Some online and 'phone psychics will give you the first few minutes of a reading for free, and this should give you enough time to evaluate their skills. Do remember that even a true psychic may get a few wires crossed and not be 100% correct every time, but if you feel that the reading isn't accurate, or that it's full of "fluff" then you need to terminate it and try somewhere else

- If you're not sure about spending some cash for an online reading with a live psychic, then the lure of some "Free" reading time (usually the first 3-5 minutes) might grab you. But is very hard to sign off after just a few minutes, and if most of that time has been spent in taking down your name, date of birth - stuff like that, then they may as well not offer anything free. Your call on this one - the word FREE is quite hard for some to resist - no matter what is being offered

How do I know I am getting a true psychic reading?

We're often bombarded with infomercials and commercials online and on television telling us of the best and most accurate psychics, and there are times when a person in need of a genuine beneficial reading doesn't know which way to turn - probably just at a time when they're feeling afraid and confused, lost or lonely

While there are some people with genuine psychic abilities, the majority of the hyped up psychics don't have the true gift, and when you consult them online or on the 'phone they will give you vague "one size fits all" generic answers, designed to keep you hanging on while they collect more cash from you

So, to help you out, here's a few facts on what true psychic readers can and cannot do:

- A psychic isn't able to pick the winning lottery numbers this weekend - if that were the case, then the only lottery winners would be psychics. The same is true for any betting on a sports team, dog race, horse race or casino games

- A true psychic can't perform a spell to bring back your ex lover/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend. Anyone who claims that they can is likely just after your hard earned cash - because everyone has a free will, and there are no amount of spells or talismans that will make a person return to someone that they don't want to be with

- Some psychics will claim that if you're in pain they can perform a spell to alleviate it. Unless these people are true healers they're usually after your money. There are several wonderful genuine psychic people who have the healing touch and the ability to heal the body without the aid of spells

- No amount of prayer, rituals, or healing  will help the person who's afraid to move forward with their life, so they should first decide to give up on their old ways, and embrace the new before any part of their lives can be healed

- Psychics won't tell you silly stuff like what time you got out of bed, or what you had for lunch

- A psychic reads your energy, your soul, and should hold them in respect. The reading is about you and your personal development, and a good psychic will help you decide how to solve difficulties in your life, avoid pitfalls and improve your situation

- The purpose of consulting with a psychic is to answer questions and get  guidance as to the best way to solve your problems, get warnings of major obstacles that need to be dealt with by you. A good psychic can only tell you how you may solve your problem. It's your decision as to what you want to do about it

- Many psychics are skilled in using the Tarot as a valuable aid when they perform a reading. So that you can understand how they do it you can see a few of their secrets here

- Psychics are only human, and may not always know the answer to your concerns. If they can't see a certain aspect of your future they should be honest and tell you so. If you're uncomfortable with a psychic, stop the reading and move on. There's no reason to sit through a reading with someone that you don't like or trust, and a good psychic would refund your fee and may even refer you to someone else. Just use your intuition





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