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Beginners Guide for Reading Tarot Cards



Even before you start reading tarot cards with a live subject you need to get yourself comfortable with the way that the tarot deck feels when you handle it, and how the cards move when you shuffle and draw them from the deck

The tarot cards are your tools, you are the craftsman - and any good craftsman knows that the ability to handle the tools with confidence and skill leads to pleasing results

Imagine how your subject would feel if you were to fumble the shuffling of the tarot card deck and spill cards all over the table as you sat there in front of them. Do you think that they would feel at ease with you or have faith in your ability to give them meaningful results as a tarot card reader if you failed to even handle your tarot cards in a professional way?

Put them at ease with skilful handling of the tarot deck and they will have greater faith in your ability to give a meaningful reading of the cards

So practice, then practice some more until you have faith in yourself and in your ability to handle the cards with skill. Then move on to do our simple daily exercise in reading tarot cards that's designed to get you familiar with the cards and with the idea of reading them

Of course you're going to need a deck before you can start to practice and shine up your skills, so take a look at this Quick and Easy tarot set - put together with you as a beginner in mind, each full size card has solid colorful pictures, and the benefit of a short paragraph that explains the meaning and possible interpretation of the card in your hand, so that you get both experience in handling full size cards and a good basic grounding in divination and interpreting the tarot cards

We're going to show you how to read a three card spread later, but first get confident and comfortable with the cards by just doing this easy daily exercise with the tarot deck

It's purpose is to familiarize you with the cards and with the idea of reading them. It's easy to do and will strengthen your abilities in relation to the cards and their meanings when it comes to reading tarot cards in general

Here's how it works: Each day what you do is shuffle your tarot deck and then pull just one card from the deck - this is going to tell you what your day's going to be like

Now give yourself a reading, analyze that card and see what your day will be like, use your intuition and ever growing skill to get familiar with the cards and their meanings - see how they relate to you and how you relate to them

In order to read tarot cards effectively you have to be familiar with their meanings and how you relate to them, and once you get accustomed to each card you're ready to start learning how to read them in a spread

The majority of tarot card readers are familiar with The Celtic Cross spread, but for a beginner here's an easy basic three card spread that will build your foundation of skills in tarot card reading and give you the ability and confidence to move forward


Basic Three Card Spread


It's easy, just follow these steps to do a Three Card Spread Reading


  • Focus on your question


  • Shuffle your cards


  • Pick one of the cards and put it in the center of the table. This card represents "The Present Situation" in relation to the question that you asked


  • Pick another card from the deck and lay it to the left of the first card.  This represents "The Past" in relation to the question that you asked - and do bear in mind that The Past doesn't have to refer to months or years ago - it could be the day or even night before. This card connects you to "The Present Situation" or middle card on the table


  • Lastly, pick your third card from the deck and lay it to the right of the "Present Situation" card. This is "The Future" or outcome position of the question, and again bear in mind that The Future can be later that day or night - it doesn't necessarily mean a year from now

So that's it, you just did a tarot card reading using the Basic Three Card Spread that is simple and to the point

Now you can go to four cards: After you place the first card you lay your second card horizontally across it to make the shape of a cross. This card represents any obstacle that is blocking your situation, and the cards on the left and the right keep the same meanings

You can do this again and again, and when you get to the point that it's easy for you to do because you're able to control the cards and understand their meaning, then you can move on to more complex spreads and make them work for you


Before you progress further along the path of tarot card reading it's important that you get to know The Major Arcana Heart of The Tarot Deck the 22 cards considered to be the driving force of the tarot deck since it's earliest days

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