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 Ace of Swords Tarot Card

ace of swords tarot card


 Ace of Swords Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes  

This tarot card in a reading can point towards your querent grasping a new understanding of a specific issue of concern, or it can mean that they discover the dawning of a new world view in the broader sense of things

Because the Ace is a number one card, if it shows up in a reading for your querent, it is meaning that they will soon be facing new beginnings and a fresh outlook on life - but only if they can keep strong emotions balanced and in check

Here are just some of the attributes that could be associated with the Ace tarot card The start of conflict or battle, daybreak, new ideas, seeing the light, change, inspiration and discovery

This tarot card indicates the eruption of a new point of view, the inspiration of discovery, or intellectual accomplishment, and if your querent should have this tarot card turn up in their reading it's meaning that their intellectual life is receiving too much or too little attention. Remember that although there's great value in the inspiration and power of the mind, intellect must be tempered by compassion and spirit for its true value to be manifested

Some more attributes associated with the Ace are: moment of birth, transformation, first step, intuition, fate, force of will, clarity and integrity, vitality, triumph, logic, judgement - all are signalled when you see the Ace of Swords upright in a tarot spread

The Ace of Swords has all the power of the King of Swords, and so the determination of the King is transferred, and all that is strived for will be achieved. Someone will express an interest in a project or work that your querent has done  - or that they are currently engaged in

On the home front everyone will be under some kind of pressure that will make things tense, meaning that communication becomes sharp and taut - your querent could find themselves in a volatile situation, backed into a corner and  forced into making decisions while under very stressful circumstances - your querent dreams of packing their bags and quietly slipping away

The Ace of Swords tarot card often means surgery, an injection or the need to consult a specialist, clear thinking, clear the air, that sort of thing ...think for yourself

This is a card of great power and strong emotions, and this is a meaning to your querent that temperance and self control may be necessary, remember that the two-edged sword cuts deep both ways, and a fine line needs to be walked to achieve the balance necessary for a healthy life

When you see the Ace of Swords in a spread it indicates that your querent is on a quest for truth, or that they or someone close is having a complete change of mind. This is a card of triumphs, victories and new beginnings - or even the rebirth of something

Meaning Reversed

If you see the Ace of Swords tarot card reversed in your querents spread, the meaning is bad news all 'round. It speaks of powerlessness, wilfulness, a bully, pushiness, and that someone is victimized or threatened and facing insurmountable problems

Some negative attributes of the Ace reversed are: Ignorance, tyranny, prejudice, self destruction, rejection, mental constraint and confusion

Your querent is having extreme feelings regarding their current situation, all compounded with confusion, disaster, violence, destruction and the misuse of power. Hate can triumph over love, and depending on surrounding cards in the spread it can even indicate a death

Following on from the Ace we have the two of swords

Reprise The suit of swords










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