The suit of swords in the tarot deck

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The suit of swords in the tarot deck


The suit of Swords in the tarot deck is the equivalent to the suit of Spades that’s found in a regular deck of playing cards, it’s the suit that represents the aspects of our mental, intellectual, and rational communicative faculties

Depending on the tarot deck that the suit of swords is part of they are sometimes known as blades, daggers or knives

The direction corresponding to the swords is the East, and it’s element is Air, while the Zodiac signs that are related to the Swords are of course the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and they’re considered Yang or male energy. The appearance of sword cards in a spread can signify winter or spring in relation to the divination. Physical attributes of an associated person would be brown hair and brown eyes

The suit of swords deals with change and force, physical working, action, movement, ambition, oppression, bravery, courage, trouble and strife, and they represent the intangible elements of the mind - mainly focusing on the mental and intellectual consciousness level

The suit of swords represents the mind and truth, and just like a double-edged sword the truth can be penetrating and sharp. Sometimes when we learn the truth about a certain situation during a tarot card reading it can cut deep like the wound of a knife

In keeping with the duality of a double edged blade, swords can represent constructive or destructive action, and if you look at the artwork used in the suit of swords you’ll see imagery depicting various states of misfortune, fighting and pain, and a hatred and struggling with, and doing battle with enemies

Bear that in mind and you’ll see why the suit of swords out of all the suits in the tarot deck is considered to be the most powerful and dangerous and is often regarded as a warrior suit

This reputation is verified when you get to read the meanings and attributes of each card and see that many times the suit of swords can be connected with violence and the getting of power in the world

Those attributes can be interpreted as somewhat negative representing as they do conflict and pain, aggression, anger and animosity, and the classic interpretations of swords can signal illness, arguments and even death, especially if they dominate in a tarot card spread

Swords mirror what’s going on with a person’s mind at that time in their life and includes their current thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, and also if their spirit and feelings are in balance with their mind set. If the querent can strive to balance their strong emotions they could well go on to great success in their life

As well as the already noted negative characteristics associated with swords there are some positive attributes such as strength, courage, authority, ambition and having a desire and opportunity to travel. So you can see that the sword card is a symbol of worldly power, and when included in a tarot card reading can show if a person’s intellect will lean toward associating that power for good or bad use

So, if the suit of swords plays out many times in a tarot card reading for a client you know that it’s a card of “thought” and it’s safe to assume that your client is going to have to make a decision on a certain area of concern to them – and it’s likely to be a painful decision for them to make and can signal discord in their life

However, if you see a lot of swords in the spread that you conduct for them it can indicate several paths for them to take, and they shouldn’t fear the appearance of many swords as this tells them to open their eyes and mind to a situation that needs to be dealt with either with careful calm, or maybe with a fast strike if needs be

What you will do is hand them the knowledge and power – and that is the best ammunition that they can have for their own defense

Should your querents reading contain a high incidence of swords then you'd be right to assume that they have a lot of difficult decisions to make, also that they could be facing arguments and violence

This may look bad, but even though swords represent a lot of negative aspects in a reading they can also serve as a warning to your querent to be careful and watch who they deal with. In that way you can use swords to their advantage and steer them towards a better resolution of their problems

Now you can start a quick run through the attributes and meanings of the cards in the suit of swords

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