The suit of cups in the tarot deck

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The Suit of Cups in The Tarot Deck



In some versions the suit of cups in the tarot deck is also identified as cauldrons, vessels, goblets or chalices, it's likened to the suit of hearts in a regular playing card deck, and as such corresponds with all our strongest feelings of the heart - emotions such as love, feelings and sensitivity - the suit of cups represents them all

The zodiac signs associated with cups are those signs linked with the water element; Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The water element, and it's essence of deep mysteries - is seen as a symbol associated with the subconscious mind and reasoning, and in the artwork on these tarot cards we often find the color blue with flowing and watery objects depicted on them

The direction that the suit of cups is ruled by is the west, and it corresponds to the season of the fall (autumn) although in some tarot card  readings the practitioners will relate cups to the summer season. The cards also link to the lunar and tidal cycles of the earth and Yin or feminine energy

Cards from the suit of Cups in the tarot deck deal with the emotional level of our consciousness, they reflect our spontaneous responses and our habitual reactions to things on an emotional level , they relate to our sensitivity to making decisions, family life, and the finishing stages in our own lives

Cups have an affinity with religious groups, sects or institutions

Cups are associated with anything emotional in a persons life, and this ranges from marriage, anything relating to partnerships whether in a work or personal context, or even personal possessions and concerns

The physical characteristics of people associated with cups are reckoned to be: fair complexion and plumpness, they will associate with the zodiac water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and will be emotional, artistic, humane and creative

So let's see what divinations can manifest when cards from  the suit of cups appears during a tarot card reading - remember that it depends on where they lie in a spread in relation to other cards in the tarot deck, and it's your intuition and skill that will shine here

When the suit of cups shows in a spread they can express a persons religious affinities (depending on where they lie in the spread) and also represent the arts, fantasy and illusion, fertility, emotion and spirituality. They are also associated with many emotional concerns such as marriage, partnerships, possessions, personal and work relationships

The cups represent the dream like aspect of the Minor Arcana of the tarot deck, and in a tarot reading can relate to psychic power, intuitiveness, sacred sexuality, grace and serenity. It's a suit of love and happiness, and when you see a lot of cups in a spread it's telling you that your subject is seeking solutions to emotional conflicts , love and matters of the heart

In terms of symbolism the suite of cups have been likened to the Holy Grail Chalice, the Stone Cup of Soma, the Persian Cup of Jamshid and the Christian Communion Cup

Cups represent the holding of a deepness of memory, a well, and the record of our existence

So let's check out these tarot cards in The Suit of Cups:

 the ace of cups   two of cups   three of cups   four of cups   five of cups   six of cups   seven of cups   eight of cups

 nine of cups   ten of cups   page of cups   knight of cups   queen of cups   king of cups


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