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Celebrity Child Astrology Reports


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Victoria + David Beckham's new baby girl - Harper Seven

Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt

Heidi Klum + Seal

Nicole Kidman + Keith Urban

Sara Michelle Gellar + Freddy Prinze Junior

Britney Spears + Kevin Federline


Take a look at the free horoscope reports we've done for some of your favorite CELEBS!

Do you ever look at that new baby, or your child at play and wish that you could smooth their path through life ?

Well, now with the help of this unique online personalized child astrology report written with child guidance in mind, you can!


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When a child is born, friends and relatives naturally focus on choosing baby names or finding tiny clothes. The chosen name will stay with the baby forever - but the clothes will soon be out grown and discarded. So, what could you give as a unique gift that is treasured and lasts a lifetime?


The Child Guidance Report has been designed as a guide for parents or relatives with a special commitment to help with a child's growth,  

Written with love in a clear, easy to understand way, the horoscope highlights positive and negative influences on the child's development.

Astrology offers pointers and help with child rearing, but it still needs you to use your own intuition and common sense in making best use of the information that it gives to you.

But remember that every child, celebrity or not, no matter which  zodiac sign they were born under needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

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The Child Astrology Report can be prepared for Babies, Infants and pre-teens. So if you need help in the form of child rearing advice or just need some fresh ideas in the area of child guidance or child discipline you owe it to yourself to check out the details in this easy to read report.


The simple details that you provide will be used to generate a personalized child astrology report with your child being mentioned BY NAME all the way through.



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